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Can Endometriosis Kill You? Risk Factors and Treatments

Nowadays, many women are troubled by infertility related to many factors, such as multiple curettages, induced abortion, multiple sexual partners, etc. One of the common disease factors is endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a common gynecological disease in women. Although it will not kill you, if this disease is not treated in time, it will significantly harm women's physical and mental health.
So, what are the risk factors of endometriosis?

1. Dysmenorrhea
Dysmenorrhea is one of the main symptoms of endometriosis. The main reason is that the ectopic endometrium is affected by periodic ovarian hormones and has changes similar to menstruation, such as hyperplasia and bleeding. The stimulation causes local pain, which is related to menstruation; The symptoms are dysmenorrhea.
2. Develop pneumothorax
Endometriosis is a disease that will be transferred from the blood to all body parts. It will also cause pneumothorax during menstruation, making women have difficulty breathing, coughing up blood, and nosebleeds.
3. Sexual intercourse pain
If the disease is not treated in time, it will make women feel pain during sexual intercourse when they have sex, and the pain will be aggravated with time.
4. Impact on female fertility
Endometriosis is now one of the most common diseases leading to female infertility because endometriosis will cause adhesion of the female pelvic cavity, fallopian tube, uterus, and ovary. If not treated in time, it will cause female infertility and make women more serious.
With endometriosis, some patients also have some other particular symptoms. For example, if there is endometriosis in the intestinal tract, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, or a small amount of periodic blood in the stool may occur. Occasionally, patients may have low back pain or hematuria due to the location of endometriosis. Some endometriosis cysts rupture will suddenly appear severe abdominal pain, nausea, anal distension, and other problems.
Endometriosis is very harmful to women's health. Therefore, women should pay attention to prevention and discovery. If discomfort occurs, they should go to the regular hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible. We should also pay attention to comprehensive therapy after diagnosis.
At present, there are many treatments for endometriosis. Because of the severity of the disease, there are mainly medical and surgical treatments, which can be selected according to the specific condition to promote the body's recovery.
Medication. The first-line drugs are mainly hormone drugs, which can relieve clinical symptoms and further the development and progress of the lesions by preventing patients from menstruating. The drugs that prevent patients from menstruation are hormone drugs. With progesterone drugs, the endometrium is no longer in a proliferative state but in a secretory state. The endometrium will not exfoliate and proliferate, exfoliate and bleed. Without changes in the menstrual cycle, the endometrium of ectopic lesions will not have periodic lesions, thus playing a therapeutic role. Or giving GnRH, a drug related to breast cancer treatment, will also stop the patient from menstruating, thus treating endometriosis.
However, long-term use of some hormone drugs may cause specific effects on the body. Choose a safe and effective traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill as the best choice. It can eliminate symptoms without any adverse effects on the body.
Surgical treatment. Surgery is recommended if the drug treatment fails to achieve the average treatment purpose or if there is an indication for surgery. The operation is generally divided into conservative, semi-radical, and radical. The traditional process removes the local lesion, while the semi-conservative process removes the local lesion plus hysterectomy. To completely cure this disease, you must remove the ovary and uterus.
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