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Does Endometriosis Affect IVF? How to Raise Fertility?

The endometrium is located inside the uterine cavity. But if the endometrium is located outside the uterine cavity for any number of reasons, such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterosacral ligaments, and so on, this is what we call endometriosis. The disease occurs most often in women aged 25-45. And the female population with fewer and later births has a higher incidence. The main symptoms are different forms of pain, which can be treated with medication or surgery.

If the patient wishes to have children in the future, the reproductive endocrinologist should follow the patient's recommendations to protect reproductive tissue and minimize surgery. There is good evidence that ovarian surgery reduces ovarian reserve, regardless of the technique used. In addition to surgery, patients with endometriosis can choose traditional Chinese medicine for treatment. 
Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill is very effective in treating endometriosis. It has the effect of clearing away heat and toxic material, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, strengthening the spleen and enhancing dampness, and also regulating menstruation and relieving pain. It is very helpful for women to treat gynecological diseases.
Why does endometriosis affect IVF pregnancy?
1. In endometriosis, periodic bleeding and local absorption of the endometrium lead to extensive adhesion around the ovary and fallopian tube. It can cause ovaries and fallopian tube distortion and obstruction and affect their transport function to the egg. The egg cannot be combined with the sperm, preventing the ovaries from ovulating normally and resulting in infertility.
2. If the endometrium grows in the ovary, it will destroy the ovarian tissue and affect ovarian function. This can cause increased menstruation, prolonged menstruation, spotting bleeding, and reduced ovulation function. It can also decrease the number of eggs or ovaries not ovulating, resulting in infertility.
3. If the endometrium grows in the pelvic cavity, the microenvironment changes in the pelvic cavity, such as abnormal substances in the abdominal fluid, resulting in the adhesion between the uterus and the rectum. It can cause the uterus to tilt backward and fix, and the cervix to tilt forward. Sperm do not easily enter the uterine opening, resulting in infertility.
4. Patients with endometriosis often have an abnormal immune function and activate the complement system in the body to produce antigens and antibodies. For example, serum anti-ovarian and anti-endometrial antibodies will affect ovulation and luteal function, resulting in infertility.
How does a female have endometriosis improve the success rate of IVF?
Endometriosis, a common cause of infertility, accounts for a large proportion of patients in IVF. For patients with mild disease and patients younger than 35 years old, the success rate of the tube is relatively higher. So regardless of age, how can endometriosis patients improve their IVF success rate
during IVF? Today we are going to share 5 points to improve the success rate of IVF.

Point one: Timely intervention
A woman with endometriosis wants to improve her chances of getting pregnant. The first thing to do is to intervene in time, control the disease to the ideal range and improve the pregnancy rate. The primary purpose of endometriosis treatment is to relieve symptoms and promote fertility.
Point two: Improve the quality of embryos
In addition to having a good uterine environment, embryo quality is also the key to a good pregnancy. For IVF, the quality of the embryo is critical. If you are older or ovarian function may be affected, reproductive doctors generally recommend freezing eggs or embryos in advance and treating endometriosis. This preserves fertility and does not affect the quality of eggs.
Point 3: Deal with your emotions correctly
When many women are diagnosed with endometriosis, they hear that the infertility rate can reach more than 50%, making them anxious and even fearful. A good mood is imperative. If you are in a state of anxiety and tension for a long time, it will also affect the endocrine of the body, thus affecting the recovery of the disease. So women must have confidence in themselves, believe in the doctor, and adjust to the state. It is more conducive to the recovery of the disease.
Point four: Daily healthcare
When endometriosis occurs, in addition to cooperating with the doctor's treatment intervention, women should also pay attention to the relevant healthcare work in daily life. It's more conducive to recovery. 
For example, pay attention to the hygiene of private parts, keep warm and cold during the physiological period, avoid overexertion, do a good job of contraceptive measures during conjugal life and reduce the operation of the uterine cavity. These habits can play a certain protective role for the uterus, and can also effectively play a preventive role.
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