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Does Endometriosis Make You Sweat More At Night?

Sweating is a normal physiological phenomenon in the body. When the formation and metabolism of the body are accelerated, the skin surface will sweat to eliminate toxins. However, although sweating is a normal phenomenon, if a person tends to sweat at night and the amount of sweating is too large, the person shall pay special attention to the symptom, which may be an abnormal condition of the body.

Although endometriosis is common, it can harm the female body. In severe cases, women with endometriosis are unable to have children. While familiar symptoms of the disease include dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain, abnormal menstruation, and infertility, few people have heard that it can cause nighttime sweating. However, there are some clinical cases of nighttime sweating. What causes this?
The first thing to figure out is why a woman with endometriosis sweats. Generally speaking, sweating not only detoxifies people but also boosts the metabolism of their cells, which is well known. In addition, sweating can also result from the body being too hot and needing to dissipate heat. For example, if a woman sleeps in a hot environment, she will sweat. Or strenuous exercise before going to bed can also lead to night sweating. Because strenuous exercise leads to relatively high body temperature, the body temperature will drop quickly after sleeping to achieve balance, and the heat dissipation process will sweat.
In addition, if women sweat at night, it may be related to Qi and blood. Because women have monthly menstrual cycles, which can cause blood loss, so many women experience symptoms of insufficient Qi and blood. When the body is short of Qi and blood, it is easy to have Yin deficiency. The appearance of Yin deficiency will make the body full of internal heat, which is easy to cause sweating at night, and it may be accompanied by feeling dizzy after getting up or always feeling tired and other discomforts.
Women with endometriosis who have recently undergone surgery are certainly weak. TCM believes that patients sweat more after surgery because they have been in bed for a long time. In addition, the patient's own physical weakness is also part of the reason. If women don't have surgery, the reason may be that endometriosis is a metabolic disease. When this disease occurs, it means that there is a problem with the body's metabolism, which makes it easy to sweat at night.
If none of these are the cause, the patient may have a chronic condition, the more common being high blood pressure, diabetes, tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia, and so on. These patients' body is relatively weak, so they will have night sweating at night. They are more commonly seen in the elderly, frail people, and people with a long period of illness.
Sweating at night is a common phenomenon, but when this happens, it is necessary to seek medical attention in time. Only by identifying the cause can women take timely measures to deal with it, avoiding the occurrence of some diseases that women do not know. The most common treatment for night sweating is TCM dialectical therapy. Doctors generally advise taking more Qi tonic medicine and strengthening the diet nutrition. Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan pill contains Astragalus, Atractylodes Yam, etc., which have a good effect of replenishing Qi and blood. It benefits patients with endometriosis. If Qi and blood are enough, naturally, there will be no night sweating symptoms.
How to relieve the phenomenon of night sweats?
1. Nourishing Yin. Some women sweat because of Yin deficiency, so they can take some traditional Chinese medicine, for example, Fuyan Pill, to help nourish Yin so that they can prevent the body fire that leads to night sweating.
2. Relax. Some women sweat too much because they are too stressed, so they should relax their spirits before going to bed. If they can fall asleep quickly, they can reduce sweating at night.
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