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What is the Abnormality Associated with Endometriosis?

The womb is the cradle of babies, the common sense of medicine and life that every woman knows. If the uterus is abnormal, such as endometriosis, it will affect women's fertility, so it is necessary to come to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. But what are the abnormal manifestations of endometriosis? How to find out early?

Experts pointed out that endometriosis is a prevalent gynecological disease. It is a phenomenon that the endometrium of female patients is ectopic for some reasons. When women have endometriosis, they can show the following abnormal symptoms:
1. Dysmenorrhea and persistent lower abdominal pain
Dysmenorrhea is a typical symptom of endometriosis, and it is often aggravated yearly with the aggravation of local lesions. The pain is mainly located in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral region and may radiate to the vagina, perineum, anus, or thigh. It usually starts 1-2 days before the onset of menstruation. The menstrual period is the most severe, gradually decreasing, and disappears when the menstruation is clean.
The degree of pain is not necessarily proportional to the size of the lesion. Severe lesions, such as sizeable ovarian endometriosis cysts, may have less pain, while scattered small nodules on the pelvic peritoneum can cause severe dysmenorrhea. A few advanced-stage patients have long-term lower abdominal pain, which is more severe during the menstrual period.
2. Menstrual disorders
About 15% of patients have increased menstrual volume or prolonged periods, and a few may have premenstrual bleeding.
3. Infertility
The infertility rate of ordinary women is about 15%, and that of patients with endometriosis can be as high as 40%.
4. Coital pain
It is generally manifested as deep sexual intercourse pain, which is more common in patients with ectopic lesions in the rectum and uterus depression, or the uterus is fixed backward due to pathological changes, and the sexual intercourse pain before menstruation is more prominent.
5. Other particular symptoms
A few patients may have periodic (menstrual) bloody stool, the urgency of urination, frequent urination, hematuria, and pain of lump on the surgical scar, which is caused by endometriosis invading the digestive tract, urinary tract, and surgical scar.
When Women should pay more attention when they have the above endometriosis symptoms. Of course, endometriosis may not have apparent signs, and different patients may also have various symptoms according to their conditions. For example, dysmenorrhea, 75% of patients with endometriosis will have apparent symptoms of dysmenorrhea, while 25% of patients will not have symptoms of dysmenorrhea.
Therefore, it is necessary to do a good physical examination. If endometriosis has been diagnosed, active treatment is recommended, and drug treatment is the first choice. Clinical and laboratory observations have proved that endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent disease, and estrogen is essential for the growth and maintenance of endometriosis. Some people believe that endometriosis can be cured by taking drugs to reduce estrogen.
Endometriosis is closely related to estrogen but cannot be treated only by taking drugs to reduce estrogen. Taking drugs to reduce estrogen can only be carried out selectively and cannot be used for a long time. Long-term medication will bring severe adverse reactions such as osteoporosis, liver and kidney function damage, and early menopause, and drug treatment can not improve pregnancy.
Patients can choose the natural medicine Fuyan Pill to eliminate symptoms without side effects. Therefore, appropriate treatment methods should be selected according to the different conditions of patients.
In addition, women must pay attention to personal hygiene and pay more attention to their physical condition at ordinary times. If you have irregular menstruation, check and find active treatment in time to avoid any gynecological disease.
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