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Is Endometriosis Serious? Women Need to Know the Following Things to Feel More At Ease!
In gynecological clinics, many women with dysmenorrhea come to consult about their conditions. In addition to primary dysmenorrhea, if it is secondary dysmenorrhea, that is, it is caused by a pathological cause. Quite a few of them are patients with endometriosis. Endometriosis sounds complicated, but the incidence rate is not low. Currently, its incidence rate can reach around 15%, with 1-2 women in almost 10 women suffering from this disease.
Of course, dysmenorrhea is not an absolute sign of endometriosis. Some women have this disease and have no signs of dysmenorrhea. Here's a reminder for female friends to pay attention.
Is Endometriosis Serious?
As far as the disease called endometriosis is concerned, treatment methods have actually been widely used, and it is not difficult to treat it. However, for women nearing menopause, the lesions may shrink when their ovarian function declines.
Generally speaking, endometriosis is more common among women of childbearing age, and for this group of women who are younger and have fertility requirements, endometriosis requires active cooperation with doctors to treat it.
Without proper treatment and intervention, there is a high chance that endometriosis will be associated with infertility. Also, some other symptoms of endometriosis include partial pain, abnormal menstruation, etc., which are painful for female patients.
Why do you need oral contraceptives for endometriosis?
In the medical treatment of endometriosis, oral contraceptives are often used. However, many patients still don't understand the function of oral contraceptives. In fact, what we commonly use clinically is that the oral contraceptive pill is a progesterone ethinyl estradiol complex. In addition to achieving the effect of contraception, the progesterone component in this preparation can act on the endometrium and ectopic lining, inhibiting the growth of the endometrium.
When it comes to taking the pills, the doctor usually strictly controls the dosage. This hormone also has relatively few side effects on the human body, so patients don't have to worry that taking this drug for a long time will cause more harm to their bodies.
Also, currently for the treatment of endometriosis, the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill can also be selected. It can eliminate the patient's symptoms and cause the endometrium to shrink. In this way, the focus of endometriosis will also shrink, and the purpose of treatment can also be achieved.
Clinically, endometriosis often causes progressively worsening dysmenorrhea, causing great pain to patients. Therefore, it is recommended to actively use medication for treatment to reduce the suffering of patients.
However, it is important to note that the condition needs to be closely monitored at the same time as medication. If the condition does not improve after six months or even a year of medication, or if the situation is difficult to control through medication for other reasons, surgical treatment may be necessary.
Endometriosis may be a multi-factorial genetic disorder caused by the interaction of genes and environmental factors. Genetic factors have a lot to do with the onset of endometriosis. If a first-degree relative has endometriosis, the risk of developing endometriosis is 6-8 times higher than others.
Therefore, if you find women with related conditions in the family, you should pay close attention to your physical condition. If you also have questions about endometriosis or more female health problems, please consult Dr.Lee's TCM Clinic for quick answers.
Reminder: Females should have regular gynecological examinations to deal with abnormalities promptly.
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