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How Do You Cure Your Gynaecologcal Disease?

Gynecological inflammations are multiple and common diseases occur on women. Main symptoms of inflammations are: excessive vaginal fluid with abnormal color and odour, vulva area itching, irregular menses, lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, etc.


If chronic cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease are not cured promptly, the infection would spread locally in reproductive system and cause the infection in womb, fallopian tubes, and vagina. Most people believe in medication with western medicines. People infected with bacteria, virus, pathogen, mycoplasma, or chlamydia are used to get their infection cured with antibiotics. However, as bacteria and other pathogens may be resistant to antibiotics, failure occurs. This is a world wide problem.

The occurence of failure also ca be affected by some other factors. If the sexual partner is not treated meanwhile, the infection may pass between two back and forth. Also it's not a good idea to stop treatment when all symptoms have just disappear, no matter what kind of treatment you take, western or herbal pills. Only test results can show if you're cured or not. Sometimes symptoms is eliminated but the germ still remains, while sometimes test shows good result but symptoms may persist. So don't stop medication until test shows normal result with no symptom remains. Or the infection may relapse and bacteria would infect other organs and result out in a very serious consequence - infertility.

Chronic gynecological inflammation/infection left untreated may cause thickening, hypertrophy, harden, and fibrosis of tissue, leading to endometrium hyperplasia, adenomyosis, endometriosis, hydrosalpinx, pelvic cavity spindylosis, tubal adhesions, and tubal blockage. There is no proper western medication for treating endometrium hyperplasia, adenomyosis, endometriosis, and hydrosalpinx, and other fallopian tube conditions, so doctors would suggest surgery which would be a big strike for most women.

Infertility caused by pelvic cavity spindylosis, hydrosalpinx, and tubal blockage is frequently treated with surgery or laparoscope. For the disease is not radically cured, recurrence always happens. Lots of patients still can't get pregnant for a long time after undergoing the surgery. That's because the blockage is corrected by laparoscope but the inflammation still remains. Under the influence of inflammation, fallopian tube would be hydrocephalic again, or tubal blockage. Doctors would recommend patients to do IVF whose success rate is not that high. The reason why hydrotubation, salpingography, laparoscopy and IVF often fail to help women pregnant is that the inflammation is not cured. Since there is no fine circumstance for the egg to grow in the womb, women can't have biological babies. Key to cure infertility caused by tubal blockage is to cure possible PID and fallopian tube inflammation with herbal medicine.

Here is a case:

Mrs. Huang           32 years old              2008/7                Zhang Jia Jie, Hu Nan Province
She had a ovarian dropsy in left fallopian tube and hydrosalpinx in right tube. She cuoldn't get pregnant for 2 years. She took a laparoscopy in the end of 2007 to excise the cyst and clean out the hydrops. Still no pregnancy for the last 6 months. She took a salpingography in June, 2008. Two months later, she started to take Fuyan Pill under my instruction. Her disease had been cured after taking the pills for 20 days and tested normal .And she got pregnant in 9th, September. 

Doctors from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic believed that  Mrs. Huang took the surgery under the condition that inflammation in the tube was not controled. Even the surgery was successful, for this reason that she needed 3 months contraception, she couldn't get pregnant in 3 months. Salpingography after 6 months indicated that there was no improvement in the left tube and hydrops in the right tube. It might be fallopian tube hydrops because the inflammation. She accepted my medication at last and been cured, then soon got pregnant.

There are lots of ingredients in the formula of Fuyan Pill that can clear away heat and toxic material. They can kill bacteria, virus, pathogen, NG, mycoplasma and chlamydia . The medicines that can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis can resist hyperplasia and fibrosis, and cure infertility caused by tubal blockage.

Treatment with Fuyan Pill can regulate menstruation, eliminate dysmenorrhea and make vaginal fluid normal. By eliminating hydros, spindylos, inflammation and empyema of the fallopian tube, fallopian tube conditions and infertility caused by them can be cured.

Patients with serious tubal blockage may need surgery after taking Fuyan Pill to eliminate inflammation in order to pregnant.

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