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How Does PID Cause Infertility?

Pelvic inflammatory disease can be divided into chronic PID and acute PID. Specific diseases of PID are: myometritis, endometritis,salpingitis, salpingo oothecitis, pelvic abscess, connective tissue inflammation. The pathogenic bacteria are: pathogen, streptococcus, staphylococcus, colibacillus, anaerobe and so on.

How does PID cause infertility

1.Be afraid of the pain of having sex.

2.Inflammation in the womb damage the function of the womb.

3.Inflammation causes blockage and hydros in the fallopian tube.

4.Adhesion in the fallopian tube cause a blockage of the end of the tube and affect the move of cilia.

5.Inflammation in the tube and the womb would affect the cilia to move the sperm to the womb.

6.Inflammation causes the excessive purulence secretion. And the secretion change the PH and affect the existence and transfer of sperm.

7.Treponema pallidum infection would cause infertility and fetus death.

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