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Therapeutic Measures to Cure Cavity Pelvis Fluidify

Cavity pelvis fluidify can be classified into physiologic one and pathologic one. Physiologic cavity pelvis fluidify which often outbreaks after ovulatoring or in early pregnancy can disappear spontaneously without treatment as it is physiologic fluid, while pathologic cavity pelvis fluidify is caused by inflammation as the pelvic cavity has inflammatory exudate.


Pathologic cavity pelvis fluidify is often caused by pelvic inflammation, annexitis or endometriosis uterine. The cause of pelvic inflammation and annexitis is related to female infections.Having sex during menstrual period or in the first month of post partum, incompleteness of sterilization after abortion、odinopoeia, as well as nodul,e can also lead to cavity pelvis fluidify. Cavity pelvis fluidify with pelvic inflammation and annexitis should be cured as soon as possible, otherwise they would affect the fertility.


There is no lack of measures to cure cavity pelvis fluidify. Generally, patients will receive physical therapy and transfusion after a definite diagnosis of cavity pelvis fluidify or pelvic inflammation. After paying a fancy prescription charge, patients receive no satisfying effect. As cavity pelvis fluidify which is caused by pelvic chronic inflammation is a chronic disease, it cannot be cured within one month treatment. However Western medicine cannot be taken for long-term, which could lead to flora imbalance, that mycetes infest and causes colpomycosis. Many patients who take large doses of Western medicine for long-term suffer from severe damage of gastrointestinal function which affects their health greatly.


"Fuyan Pill" which is aimed at the treatment of pelvic diseases, detoxifies heat and promotes blood circulation to reach the purpose of alleviating inflammation, meanwhile, recuperating other diseases.

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