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How does PID occur on unmarried women

As one of common diseases on women, PID do huge harm to women's health. Even most of PID sufferers are married women, it is still possible for unmarried women to have a PID.


How PID occur on unmarried women?


1 Masturbation with dirty appliances.
Masturbation common occur on unmarried women. Dirty fingers or dirty appliances can carry pathogens. When they enter the vagina and rub the vaginal wall, pathogens would probably infect the vagina, and later the uterine and fallopian tubes.


2 Bad habits.
Vulva areas are wet and hot, which is a proper environment for the breeding of bacteria. Regularly cleaning can keep it clean. If vulva area cannot be cleaned in time, large amount of bacteria would infect you,especially during menses. Immunity is lower during periods, it would be more easy for bacteria to infect the vagina and the whole genital system. Swimming during periods can be most risky.


3 Appendicitis.
Appendicitis can be one of the causes of PID too. Appendicitis left untreated may cause a spread of inflammation to the pelvic cavity. Acute enteritis can also cause inflammation in women's genital system too.


So it is suggested that as long as you found any sign of diseases, go visit your doctor. However, of course, it is better to keep good habits, to prevent yourself from diseases.


Pelvic infections affect women’s health both physically and psychologically, so when you have the symptoms, the timely treatment in the hospital is needed. You should also acts appropriately to the situation, not indiscriminately take the medicine. Chinese medicine treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease can eradicate the disease from the root. Besides, Fuyan pill in the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease can also improve immunity, at the same time, it can contribute to promote pelvic blood circulation, improve tissue nutrition, and improve metabolism. 




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