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What Causes Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

How PID develops?

As the ovaries are quite close to fallopian tubes, salpingitis can lead to ovaritis. Therefore, ovaritis is associated with salpingitis, which is known as salpingo-ovaritis or annexitis.

The disease or lesion of ovaries can cause irregular menstruation, ovulation failure and adhesions of fallopian tubes, thereby causing infertility in women.

Salpingo-ovaritis is often associated with inflammation of ovarian connective tissue, pelvic peritonitis and chronic salpingitis.

The recurrent chronic inflammations can lead to pelvic congestion and fiberization of the connective tissues, thereby causing adhesions of organs in pelvic cavity. The adhesions will lead to tubal distal adhesions, tubal uplift, curved fallopian tubes and adhesion of ovaries, thereby resulting in infertility.

As a result, once one orgen/tissue in women's reproductive system is inflamed or infected, organs nearby may be affected. This is how PID develops.


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