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How does PID Causes Infertility in Women?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is one of the common gynecological diseases. Among those sufferers, quite a number of them also develop infertility.


PID can occur as a result of: a miscarriage or abortion; labor and delivery; sexually transmitted disease (STD).


Symptoms of PID include: abdominal pain or tenderness; pelvic pain during intercourse; smelly/yellowish/greenish vaginal discharge; irregular periods; fever or chills; mild or severe nausea.


In clinical cases in China, over 60% infertility sufferers actually have salpingitis. While inflammation occur at fallopian tubes, lesions such as hydrops and obstruction often occur. When eggs fail to pass the fallopian tubes and enter the uterine, infertility occurs.


The first portion of fallopian tubes to develop a lesion is the endosalpinx. The endosalpinx would cause swell, edema, congestion and other lesions. When the endosalpinx epithelium sheds, the endosalpinx or the fimbrial end would be clingy. And the tubes are blocked.


If the fallopian tubes are not completely blocked, ectopic pregnancy often occur. This is another aspect that PID causes infertility in women.


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