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Causes and Precautions of PID

Chronic pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy and infertility do harm to women's health. In order to prevent from PID, the causes of it should be awared of. Generally speaking, pelvic inflammatory disease occur because of the infection when women have poor immunity.


Specific sorts:

1 Infection during or after delivery

2 Infection after pelvic surgery

3 Poor hygiene during periods

4 STDs

5 Inflammation spread locally and causes PID

6 Acute occurrence of chronic PIDBy getting rid of those risk factors of PID, the disease can be prevented.


What we should notice is:

1 Delivery and abortion in hospitals.

2 Best time for first sex after delivery or abortion is after first menstrual period after delivery or abortion. Endometrium is not well recovered before first period, having sex in this case increase the risk of infections.

3 Keep good personal hygiene during periods and avoid from sex. Having sex two days after menses.

4 Ask your sexual partner who have sex with you in 60 days to take tests if PID is diagnosed, in case it is a STD.


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