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Is adhesion a symptom of PID? How to treat PID?

Is adhesion a symptom of chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? Mrs. Martin is recently suffering from pain caused by adhesions in her pelvic cavity. Apart from the pain, her irregular menses also bothers her since has been diagnosed with chronic PID. Then how does the adhesion form? And how to treat chronic PID?


Adhesions between organs and tissues in women's pelvic cavity is a symptom/sign of chronic PID, it is also called chronic parametritis. Two fallopian tubes are at both left and right side of the uterine, and two ovaries are under the fimbria end of fallopian tubes. Fimbria end is open and ovaries are dissociated so that the fimbria end can catch eggs from ovaries. When chronic PID occurs, connective tissue outside the uterine become hyperplastic. As hyperplasia grows, one tube is sticked with the connective tissue. This is a very slight which can be easily treated.


As hyperplasia grows, the adhesion becomes more and the fallopian tube which is sticked to the connective tissues loses its function (wriggle to pass the egg into uterine). The cilium of fimbria end start to be adhesive. Some adhesion may occur outside the uterine. The other tube is going to be sticked with connective tissue as well.


Fallopian tubes are going to be more and more rigid with the development of chronic PID, uterine and cervix are sticked to the connective tissue, the fimbria ends are adhesive. By the time the condition is severe, except for pain in lower abdomen, irregular menses may also occur. As fallopian tubes almost lose all function, infertility starts to bother the sufferer. In case like this, antibiotics with physical therapy can only control but cannot completely treat it. Then Fuyan Pill is a better and more appropriate treatment. As a traditional Chinese medicine, Fuyan Pill can work in women's pelvic cavity to treat the adhesions and possible blockage of fallopian tubes, and reverse the function of fallopian tubes.


The most severe PID cannot be treated only by medication. There is very severe congestion and vase adhesions in the pelvic cavity. Not only fallopian tubes, uterine don't function well too. Surgery is always required to strip the adhesions, and Fuyan Pill is used to reverse the function of uterine and fallopian tube.


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