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Main Causes of Pelvic Adhesions

What are female pelvic adhesions causes? Though adhesions is a common gynecological disease, it really does great harm to physiological and psychological health of women. So, searching causes of adhesions is a urgent need. Dr.Lee would like to share this information with people who concern this question.


Main causes of adhesions are:


1. As endometriosis is a disease that a lot of adolescent female may suffer from, once it occurs, if the endometrium removes to ovary, chocolate cyst of ovary is like to appear. In a similar way, if it removes to pelvic, adhesion may be the result. Besides, the most obvious symptom is dysmenorrhea, which immensely affect their life quality.


2. Gynecologic inflammation is also one of the causes of adhesions. Pelvic inflammatory disease and adnexitis are both gynecologic inflammations that can lead to adhesions. If patients do not receive opportune and systematic treatment, further infection of bacterial or viral may occur, and eventually brings about adhesions.


3. Operated surgery in adjacent organs can lead to adhesions as well. Common pelvic surgeries are appendix surgery, uterine fibroids or ovarian surgery. If irregular anti-inflammatory treatment was given, infection is easily arised. As a matter of fact, adhesion is one of the surgical complications. Therefore, we often suggest patients get out of bed as soon as they can be after surgery to prevent symptoms of pelvic organ adhesions.


4. Tuberculosis history. Patients who have had tuberculosis, such as tuberculosis, pelvic tuberculosis or who have been infected by tubercle bacillus all run a high risk of pelvic adhesions.

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