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How to Treat Pelvic Effusiony with Fuyan Pill?

How is pelvic effusion treated? This may be a question that most pelvic effusion patients concern. Pelvic effusion is a disease that troubles patients very much on account of its bad influence.


Pelvic effusion is the inflammatory exudate of pelvic cavity. It can form after occurrence of endometritis. Some little viscous liquid is secreted from the swollen intima tissue cells, which is enclosed firmly in surrounding tissues. Thus, pelvic cyst take shape gradually.   

Causes of pelvic effusion


Pelvic cavity locates at the lowest part of the abdominal cavity. When there is extravasate or transudate, it can all discharge to pelvic cavity, which encourages pelvic effusion. 


Except normal pelvic effusion which is caused by female physical characteristics. Pathologic cavitas pelvis fluidify is usually caused by pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis. Also, nosocomial infection which does not follow the strict disinfection in abortion or odinopoeia surgeries can give rise to this disease as well. Patients who have cavitas pelvis fluidify caused by pelvic inflammatory disease should have puncture of posterior fornix test and identify the liquid properties. If there is chronic foci of infection, it may arise from inflammations of ovary and fallopian tube, nodule or tumor.   


Treatment of pelvic effusion

Generally speaking, there are three primary ways to treat pelvic effusion: western medical treatment, traditional Chines medicine treatment, and surgery. Patients can receive treatment according to their own situations under the doctor's advice.

If in B ultrasound test, fluid areasin can be found in the left uterus, this is actually not a big problem, so patients do not need to worry. Cavitas pelvis fluidify is not immutable. If it is not treated, the cyst can grow step by step. When it grows bigger, no medication can handle this, except surgery.  

In fact, pelvic effusion can be completely cured, but that can only be realized on the basis of making clear what the pathogen is. In order to ensure the pathogen of pelvic inflammatory disease, suffers ought to have special tests and adopt treatment according to different symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill can kill various bacteria, virus in three months. Especially, its function of clearing heat and drying damp can drain the liquid. Complying with prescriptions which can promote blood circulation, symptoms such as swollen feeling and inflammation in pelvic cavity can be removed easily. Other prescriptions which can invigorate the spleen to damp elimination can help to abate hydrocele and then restore function of leucorrhea.


Pelvic effusion patients should keep a bland diet. Food which can promote blood circulation is good. Please do not have cool food or spicy food.

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