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How to Take Care of Yourself While Treating PID?

Pelvic inflammatory disease not only bring pain to patients, but also would cause any complications or secondary diseases. Patients who is on PID treatment should take good care of themselves to keep or improve the treatment.

Here are some tips for PID sufferers:

1 Keep good hygiene, especially at the perineum area. Also it is better to keep perineum area dry. Wash with clean water, do not use any soap or shampoo. PID sufferers commonly have excessive vaginal fluid, so change underwears more frequently. Do not wear tight underwears.

2 If you have fever and sweat sometimes, keep yourself warm and dry. Keep yourself away from the wind of fan or air condiction.

3 Pay attention to your vaginal fluid. If your vaginal fluid is getting more, more yellow, more smelly, it means your disease is severe; if your vaginal is getting light in color, becoming lesser, and is no longer smelly, it means you are recovering.

4 During menses, induced abortion and IUDs, you are bleeding. Sexual intercourse, swimming, bath in tub, and sauna is forbidden, for the immunity is lower than it at ordinary times.

5 For acute PID patients, you should pay attention on your stools and try your best to keep good bowel movement. If you see pus or feel it is been pulling down at your rectum, go see a doctor immediately. It could be a acute peritonitis because the pus in pelvic cavity festers the bowel.

6 For acute PID patients, you should also take treatment under doctors instructions. Lie down or take semireclining position, in case the inflammation aggravates and promote the discharge of secretion. For chronic PID patients, get more rest and do not have too many sexual intercourses, in case the disease gets severer.

7 Do not take antibiotics at will when you feel uncomfortable if you have chronic PID. Lont-term antibiotics would cause a chaos of flora in vagina and excessive vaginal fluid or solid vaginal fluid.

8 Choose a better diet. If you are having a fever, eating insipid food is good for you. You can also drink some apple juice, pear juice or watermelon juice. Do not eat icy food.

If you have yellow, thick and excessive vaginal fluid, it is a disease caused by heat and dampness. Fried, baked, spicy or greasy food are bad for you.If you feel cold and pain in lower abdomen, in lower back and in legs, it is a disease caused by cold. Then you may have more ginger decoction, water with brown sugar, and longan. If you are irritable and have pain in lower back, you have a weakness in kidney. You may eat more eggs and pork. 

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