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What Should Be Done To Prevent PID?

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) refers to inflammatory of women genital tract and its surrounding tissue. Acute PID includes acute endometriosis, acute myometritis, acute ovaritis, acute inflammation of connective tissue and acute pelvioperitonitis. What should be done to prevent PID?


Sufferers who are diagnosed with acute PID should receive the treatment given by the doctor. Patients must stay in bed to scatter the inflammatory and discharge. Sufferers who are diagnosed with chronic PID should not be too tired. Patients should strike a proper balance between work and rest and refrain from sex to avoid increasing the symptoms.


Sufferers who have fever sweat more when they defervesce. Patients must keep hot, keep a dry body, replace the cloths frequently and avoid using air-condition.



Women who are experiencing period and gynecological operation will have blood in vagina, so they must avoid sexual life and swimming, replace sanitary towel to prevent infection.


Women should observe the change of leukorrhea. If leukorrhea is more, the symptoms may be severer. On the contrary, if leukorrhea is less, the symptoms can be better.


Sufferers who are diagnosed with acute PID should keep bowels open. If you feel some uncomfortable symptoms, you must see the doctor immediately to prevent acute pelvioperitonitis.


If you are experiencing the severer PID, you can try herbal remedy. Fuyan Pill has helped many patients to eradicate PID. As the herbal formula of Fuyan Pill is particular, it doesn’t have any side effects and kill all the toxic material though it may work slowly. Sufferers usually can recover after taking Fuyan Pill for three months.

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