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You should Obstain from Having Sex when Suffering Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a serious infection of the female reproductive system that can develop from an untreated sexually transmitted disease (STD). In most cases, it happens when bacteria from the STD in the vagina or cervix move into the uterus and upper genital tract. The most common organisms that can cause PID are gonorrhea and chlamydia, both of which are highly contagious STD.

As PID can be caused by STD, you should obstain from having sex when suffering pelvic inflammatory disease. Untreated PID can damage the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus, which can lead to chronic pelvic pain and serious damage to the reproductive system. PID is the most common, preventable cause of infertility, and can also lead to ectopic pregnancies.

A teen who is being treated for PID also should be tested for other STD such as chlamydia, and should have time alone with the doctor to openly discuss things like sexual activity. Not all teens will be comfortable talking with parents about these issues. But it's important to encourage them to talk to a trusted adult who can provide the facts.

PID can be prevented. The best way to prevent it is to abstain from having sex when suffering PID as STD can lead to PID. Sexual contact with more than one partner or with someone who has more than one partner increases the risk of contracting any STD.

In addition, if your PID symptoms are very serious, you should look for better remedy to treat it. Herbal medicine named Fuyan Pill can work. Fuyan Pill is made up from multiple herbs including Bupleurum falcatum L., poria cocos, radices scutellariae, Gardenia, Atractylodes ovata, etc. Among which some herbs are highly powerful in killing bacteria, virus, and all the pathogen to cause infections. Thus, PID can be cured thoroughly.

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