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Why Do Unmarried Women Acquire PID?

A lot of people do not think that unmarried women also can acquire PID. Generally speaking, it is right, but not absolute. Because the bacteria inducing PID can invade the internal genital organ by some other means such as intercourse and operation of uterine cavity. To be specific, there are some following methods listed below:

1. Filthy masturbation.
The surface of dirty fingers and instrument can be stained with pathogens, even the venereal pathogens such as gonococcus and mycoplasma. When you use these dirty things to massage the clitoris or insert them to vagina, you may bring the pathogens into your body, inducing inflammation.

2. Bad living habits
For example, having a hip bath before menstruation is a usual inducement. Because the body’s resistance would decline in the period, when the private parts is soaked in the water, the pathogens can upward enter into the internal genital organ. If you are swimming in the period, it is more easy for the pathogens in the water to enter the vagina, then go into the uterus and Fallopian tubes, inducing inflammation. So that the unmarried women also can acquire PID by this way.

3. Other illnesses
The most common one is appendicitis. If you delay the treatment, the appendix would be purulent. The inflammatory exudate can flow into the pelvic cavity and then induce salpingitis. In addition, the acute enteritis can also induce PID. The bacteria in the rectum can go to the genital organ through lymphatic. The pathogens of phthisis can flow into the pelvic cavity through the blood and induce PID.

4. Douching the vagina
Some women has the habit of douching the vagina. But the frequent douching would change the acid environment of vagina, keeping it from the invasion of pathogens. At the same time, it would dash the pathogens in the vagina and cervix into the uterine cavity. So that the morbidity of PID is relative to the frequency of douching the vagina. For the woman who douches her vagina for more than 3 times, the morbidity of PID is 3.6 times higher than the one who do it for just one time.

It is not suitable for unmarried women to use physical therapy to treat PID. If you are not married and acquire PID, you can use some traditional Chinese medicine. It won’t make physical harm to your genital organs. “Fuyan pill” is a good choice for you. It is made purely of traditional Chinese herbal and the effect of this medicine is excellent. You should also pay attention to your living habit, because the unmarried women also can acquire PID.

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