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Diarrhea May Be Induced by PID

When it comes to diarrhea, many people’s first response is stomach diseases. But for women, diarrhea may be induced by PID. We should pay more attention on it.
PID is a common gynecological inflammation of women. In fact, even though PID is very common, it would like to hide and seek and always make people confused.
A woman comes to hospital to see a doctor. She says: “I have diarrhea for the recent several months, mainly in the early stage of menses. I have seen doctors before, but the disease is not cured. Sometimes the situation is good, and sometimes it is bad. The stool is watery, shapeless and smelly. Every time getting a laboratory test of the feces, the result is normal, so is this time. But at this time, taking medicine is useless, and there is no improvement at all.

After the gynecological expert does a earnest and careful examination for the patient, he finds that maybe the patient has acquired PID. Is there a relationship between diarrhea and PID?

As all we know that most of cases of diarrhea is relative with the diseases of intestine diseases, but there are also some types of diarrhea induced by the diseases of other organs. For example, some women have diarrhea before menses, during menses or half month after menses. At this time, taking antidiarrheal may be useless. Then we should check if it is induced by other diseases except for intestine diseases. The reason why PID can induce diarrhea is that: the uterus is located in the front of rectum. When a woman acquired PID, the pelvic cavity in the behind of uterus would congest ( it would be more serious before menses). The uterus would become soft and more closer to the rectum, pressing the sacral nerve and causing the feeling of falling. The uterus presses the rectum and stimulate the rectal mucosa to shrink, inducing defecation. That is why diarrhea may be induced by PID. If a pregnant woman acquired PID, the congestion of pelvic cavity and uterus would be more evident. The inflammation affected the rectum and induced diarrhea.

It is difficult to diagnose this kind of diarrhea as PID. We always regard it as repeated chronic diarrhea. If the causes of diarrhea is unclear, we should do gynecological examination. Once diagnosed as PID, we should treat it positively. Pay attention to correct the retro-position of uterus( we can treat it by the methods of restoration). Adopting the prone position on the right side can relieve the symptoms.

We should combine traditional Chinese and western medicine to treat PID. Because diarrhea may be induced by PID, if the PID is cured, the diarrhea would be cured naturally. We suggest you to use Fuyan Pill to treat it. This medicine is invented by Wuhan Dr.Lee, who has about 30 years of treating experience. and it is made purely of traditional Chinese herbal. You can achieve the best effect if you use it continually for 3 months.

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