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Four major symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease should be noticed

About the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease which also is known as PID, its symptoms are various and also is way for diagnosis. Knowing its symptoms is an very important thing for those symptoms can tell you what kind of PID you have had and what kind of treatment you have to take. Here i'd love to introduce four major symptoms of pelvic inflammatory symptoms for you guys.

Bearing-down pain on lower abdomen
Excepting bearing-down pain on lower abdomen, women also can experience pain or ache on lumbosacral region. Those pain commonly becomes severer after sex or before menses or when feeling tired.
Irregular menstruation
At the early stage, women may experience extended menses because of the congestion or ulceration on endometrium, but with the time passing by, women may experience reduced menses or even amenorrhea for the damage of endometrium.
Inflammation in pelvic cavity also can transmit to Fallopian tubes, causing damages and adhesion, so when fallopian tubes are blocked, the only consequence is infertility.
Systematical symptoms
Women also can experience low fever, tired and so on. Sometimes, women might have neurasthenia symptoms such as insomnia, aches and pains and doldrums.  
Pelvic inflammatory disease is a dangerous disease for women. If this disease cannot be cured timely, infertility will happen. In order to cure this disease thoroughly, patients should choose proper treatment according disease levels and health conditions. If you know much about your symptoms but not the causes and types, you can choose herbal medicine fuyan Pill, for TCM is a medical system that focus on healing symptoms.
All of those symptoms can be cured by fuyan Pill with three or four months. What’s more. Fuyan pill also has no drug resistance and no side-effects, so fuyan Pill is one of the best treatment.

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