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Brief introduction of two folk prescriptions for pelvic effusion
In ancient folk society of China, there are a large number of folk prescriptions for pelvic effusion.  Although many people get a better improvement after taking them, because there is no such authority evidences, so what is the curative effect of folk prescriptions? Is it excellent of just a fraud? Today, Dr. Lee will introduce two popular folk prescriptions and expose the secret for us.
There are a lot of patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease or annexitis have pelvic effusion because of the inflammatory discharge from pathological pelvic tissues. But before the introduction of two folk prescriptions, it is necessary for us to know the causes of pelvic effusion in Traditional Chinese Medicine system. Herbalists in China commonly hold the view that pelvic effusion is caused by heat accumulation in lower energizer, Qi stagnation and blood stasis. Therefore, to cure this disease, people should focus on clearing heat, removing toxin, activating blood and resolving stasis. 
Rhubarb powder: can clear away heat and toxin, and resolve stasis
Rhubarb powder is a compound herb that can clear away heat and toxin, and resolve stasis. So, pelvic effusion can be cured, because the enlarged blood vessel and promoted blood circulation enables effectively absorbing of property of a medicine. Therefore, effusion can be eliminated and heat and toxin can be cleared. Before using it, please mix mashed rhubarb with rice vinegar and then apply on abdomen area. 
Although rhubarb powder is effective, it also has side-effects. It is easy for women to experience symptoms like vomiting, nausea and painful abdomen. Therefore, It is better to take it with other herbs. And fuyan pill is such as pill that you needed. 
Mirabilite mashed garlic: a treatment for pelvic effusion without any side-effects
This treatment has the same function with Rhubarb powder. It also can promote blood circulation, resolve stasis and lumps. What's more, this treatment also can clear away heat and toxin while promote blood circulation. Although this treatment has no side-effect, pelvic effusion cannot be cured thoroughly. Thus, to cure pelvic effusion, mirabilite mashed garlic and Rhubarb powder are Auxiliary treatments. 
Herbal pill - fuyan pill, a prescription drugs, thus, not only can cure pelvic effusion, but also can improve the environment of pelvic cavity. Moreover, this pill also has no side-effect. It is the best choice.

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