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Is the diet therapeutic useful for PID caused by abortion?


Pelvic inflammatory disease is a kind of multiple gynecological diseases which mostly caused by the improper operative infections. Especially the unwanted pregnancies happened on the unmarried female friends, they usually infect with this disease because of the improper abortion operation. In the daily life, a variety of methods can be conducted on the pelvic inflammatory disease, but most patients give their attention on the diet treatment.


Improper abortions lead to pelvic inflammatory disease 


Miss Liu was a girl in Wuhan, she cohabitated with her boyfriend for a long time, and her failure of contraception resulted the unwanted pregnancy, she had no choice but chose to abortion in a small clinic. After that, she ate a lot of supplements for the fear that she would infected with some diseases. But after two months of the surgery, she still felt uncomfortable, and often accompanied by the abnormal vaginal discharge, fever and chills and so on. So she again went to hospital for a gynecological examination. 


After checking, the gynecologist told Miss Liu that she had got the pelvic inflammatory disease, and the abnormal vaginal discharge, fever, abdominal distension are the most obviously symptoms. The gynecologist also told that it is caused by the improper abortion operation and her pelvic cavity had been infected with some bacteria. All of these frightened Miss Liu, she knew if the pelvic inflammatory disease not timely be treated, then she would difficult to pregnancy in the future.


Is the diet treatment useful for the pelvic inflammatory disease?


Miss Liu knew that even the western medicine can treatment the pelvic inflammatory disease, but eventually the side effects would followed, so she tried the diet treatment. According to the guidance online, she took some bitter herbs, honeysuckle, dandelion and radish and so on for a period of time, but she found it nothing help. 


Fuyan pill make her get rid of the pain


Occasionally, she heard the Chinese medicine have a good effect on the pelvic inflammatory disease treatment. It does not produce the resistance or side effects, so she decided to have a try. Fuyan pills with a function of heat-clearing and detoxifying, decreasing swelling and relieving pain, it works well for her. During treatment, she took Fuyan pills as well as the diet treatment, and about three months, she got the desired therapeutic effect and her pelvic inflammatory disease has completely gone.


Miss Liu's case above tells us that the effect of diet therapeutic is not so ideal, but it can be a good adjuvant therapy during the Fuyan pill treatment. However, women still should keep in mind that consider the abortion as a contraceptive measures, or you will be attacked by the pelvic diseases.


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