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The unmarried women can also be the patient with PID

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a kind of gynecological disease which has troubled female for years. Wuhan Dr.lee points out that many married women think they have no chance to get this kind of disease. In fact, this is quite wrong, if unmarried women not pay attention to their usual personal habits, they can also infect with pelvic inflammatory disease.

The main cause of pelvic inflammatory disease can be summarized as follows:
1. Bad life habits 
This is a common cause of pelvic inflammatory disease. for example, the activities of menstrual tub, swimming or pay no attention to the private part of our body can all put you into this awkwardness. Especially in the menstruation, the endometrial exfoliation and blood clot can easy to breed bacteria. So during the menstrual period, the personal hygiene is important.
2. Masturbation 
Some unmarried women often use their fingers or simulated equipment to masturbation, but they don’t know that this action will bring the gonococcal bacteria or mycoplasma into the vagina, and finally cause the infection. Therefore, we should care more on private parts in our body to avoid pelvic inflammatory disease infection. 
3. The spread of other diseases
The occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease of unmarried women is mostly the result of appendicitis infection. Once you have a delayed appendicitis treatment, the appendix would suppuration and the inflammatory exudates can flow into the pelvic cavity, then lead to salpingitis. Furthermore, girls with acute enteritis should also be careful: the intestinal bacteria can spread through the lymphatic to genitals, causing the genital inflammation.
4. Long-term use of antibiotics
Pelvic inflammatory disease can also be induced by the large or long-term use of antibiotics, because the large or long-term use of antibiotics can decrease our defense ability and result the infection of pelvic diseases.
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