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You may be involved in PID if you are lack of exercise

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a common gynecological inflammation. It can be caused by various reasons. You may know the causes such as post-abortion infection, uterine surgery infections and poor menstrual hygiene. But you may ignore, lack of exercise, especially lower abdominal exercise, can also cause PID. 

Lack of exercise may result in PID
Office workers are more susceptible to chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Many career women do not love sports because of the work or their own reasons. Besides, they keep sedentary at work, and remain the same after work. The long-term slack pelvic blood return will gradually cause pelvic congestion, and finally result in the emergence of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. 
Many women do not realize the dangers of chronic PID. They mistakenly believe that there is no difference between the early and late treatment, as the disease itself is considered chronic. They do not pay enough attention to the disease and do not receive timely treatment. As a result, infertility occurs. Therefore, attention must be paid to chronic PID. It is important to master the symptoms and treatment of chronic PID.
What are the symptoms of chronic PID?
The main manifestations include: lumbosacral pain or abdominal pain, increased vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders, tubal obstruction, infertility and so on. You should seek immediate medical attention when the above symptoms appear. 
What’s the treatment of chronic PID?
Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease has adverse effects on women, affecting the normal activities, and causing sexual dysfunction. Once infected with pelvic inflammatory disease, you should be timely treated. There are two treatments can help patients with PID.
Western treatment. The initial treatment for mild cases of chronic PID is usually antibiotics. However, when PID causes abscesses, a surgery is often required.
TCM treatment. Compared with western treatment, TCM treatment has a typical advantage: it has no side-effects and can eradicate the disease. Fuyan Pill, as the herbal medicine, helps many women with PID. Fuyan Pill can not only eliminate the toxin materials, but also promoting the blood circulation, thus effectively cure chronic PID.
In order to prevent the occurrence of various diseases, it is recommended that women pay attention to rest in their spare time, as well as the necessary training in their daily life.

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