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Is the acute pelvic inflammatory result in dysmenorrhea

Nowadays, more and more women appear the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, and the majorities are caused by the pelvic inflammatory disease. According to the incomplete statistics, most women’s health has been seriously destroyed by the pelvic inflammatory diseases. In this case, it has become the most common gynecological diseases for female. Wuhan Dr. Lee reminds that the recurrent sufferings for patients are painful and affect woman's health, so it is necessary to attach importance to the prevention and treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease. 

Why women can easy to infect with acute pelvic inflammatory disease? 
Many women in the postpartum are in poor health, and some women’s cervix is not completely closed. As a result, the excessive bleeding would appear, and the left tissues become susceptible to infection. Also, during the menstrual, some women have the bad habits of personal hygiene, which can make it easier for the bacteria invade, thus, the people will more likely to cause pelvic inflammatory disease. And when the disease comes into being, the female dysmenorrhea follow.
Some symptoms of acute pelvic inflammatory disease
Acute pelvic inflammatory disease usually have the symptoms of chills, fever, loss of appetite, back pain, etc., and this situation would be various due to the severity and extent of the disease. And this situation will be more obvious before and after menstruation. And during your period, the dysmenorrhea can put you into the intolerable suffering.  So, once this happens, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible for the examination.
Pelvic infections affect women’s health both physically and psychologically, so when you have the symptoms, the timely treatment in the hospital is needed. You should also acts appropriately to the situation, not indiscriminately take the medicine. Chinese medicine treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease can eradicate the disease from the root. Besides, Fuyan pill in the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease can also improve immunity, at the same time, it can contribute to promote pelvic blood circulation, improve tissue nutrition, and improve metabolism. 
After the introduction about the acute pelvic inflammatory disease, we may get a brief understanding of it. Meanwhile, Dr Lee reminds that the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease is certainly important, but the daily care is equally important. In the daily life, we must strengthen our physical exercise, pay attention to hygiene during menstruation, and all these small details can keep you away from the diseases.

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