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To make a clear distinguish between physiological and pathological pelvic fluid

When take the body checking, many women found the pelvic fluid when they take the B ultrasonic. They used to doubt that if they had got the gynecological diseases. However, doctors tell them that it doesn’t matter, and the pelvic fluid put no harm on the body. This answer makes people confused, so they turn to Wuhan dr. lee for a help.

Dr. Lee explains that in fact, physiological pelvic fluid really makes no significantly harm on body, but if it is the pathological pelvic fluid, then it will never be overlooked. So make a distinction of these two will be exceedingly important.
Distinguish from the causes
Pelvic fluid is more commonly seen in women. Physiologic pelvic fluid is caused by the blood that accumulates in the pelvic during the normal ovulatory period or menstrual period. However, the pathological pelvic fluid is caused by inflammation, such as annex inflammation, endometriosis and so on. And this kind of patients usually holds the dirty life habits. For example, having sex during menstruation or postpartum, or pay no attention to health after gynecological surgery, and get the pelvic infection. So it can be identified by the causes.
Distinguish from symptoms 
Physiologic pelvic fluid often hold less amount, and after menstrual period (menstruation or ovulation), the fluid then can be gradually absorbed by our body. This is the nature function of the body itself and no effect and discomfort occurs on the body. On the contrary, the pathological pelvic fluid is caused by inflammation. When fluid reaches a certain level, the lower abdominal pain, lumbosacral pain and backache will appear. When they have a prolonged standing, overwork activities or sexual intercourse, pains can be even worse, and finally affect the fertility. 
Distinguish from B-ultrasound
B-ultrasound is a powerful way to check the pelvic fluid. Generally, fluid that more than 1CM is considered to be the abnormal one. Moreover, by B-ultrasound, the state can be clearly seen in this way. For example, if the entrant sound is poor, then it may be the pathological infection.
How to treat pathological pelvic fluid? 
First of all, to control inflammation by treating of the primary disease is the key. And following, we then can eliminate the fluid accordingly. Fuyan pill, as a nature medicine, are used to be choose to cure it. It not only can promote the body's absorption of inflammatory substances, but also can play a role of antibiotics to effectively eliminate inflammation in our body. 
All in all, if you have found the pelvic fluid, to make a distinct of it is what you should do first. And even it is the pathological, the right and timely treatment could also cool you down. Fuyan pill, with an effect of curing disease from the root, controlling inflammation in a short time and preventing a further deterioration, can treat the pelvic fluid surely.

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