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Curing pelvic fluid with fuyan pill, the treating time varies according to the symptoms

Pelvic fluid can be divided into two kinds: physiologic and pathologic fluid. For the former one, the effusion can be automatically absorbed by the body, so generally there is no need to take treatment. But for the latter one, it brings great harm to human body, so timely treatment is necessary. And drug treatment is a good treating method. But the treating time varies according to the symptoms.

Before analyzing the treating time, to choose the right medication is necessary.
To treat pathologic pelvic fluid, some patients will adopt the antibiotic therapy. However, antibiotics can bring harm to liver and kidney, and they are difficult to completely clear away the effusion. Therefore, for the treatment, especially that in the early stages of the disease, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment is preferred by many patients. 
Made from natural herbs, TCM won't produce any drug resistance during the treatment. So, it is more conducive to the rehabilitation of patients. Take fuyan pill for example, it has good curative effect in treating pelvic fluid.
Fuyan pill, a patented medicine, has same effect as broad-spectrum antibiotics. The effects of clearing heat and toxin, eliminating inflammation and killing bacteria can effectively kill various kinds of bacteria, viruses and pathogens. But differently, fuyan pill can also promote blood circulation. As a result, fuyan pill can eliminate the pelvic inflammation and promote the absorption and dissipation of effusion, achieving the purpose of cure. 
However, although fuyan pill has an outstanding curative effect in treating pelvic fluid, the length of medication use depends on the related symptoms.
If patients only experience mild symptoms like pale face and slight pain, the treating time is relatively short. However, if patients have a long history of this disease, or have symptoms like intense pain, irregular menstruation and abnormal vaginal discharge, then the treating time would be a little longer. But generally improvements can be seen at the end of the first month or the beginning of the second month. 
No matter how long the treatment is, the efficacy of the fuyan pill is worth-thrusting. For its good curative effect, fuyan pill is constantly trusted and prized by many patients. And it is even recognized by SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office of China). But what patients should keep in mind is that, diet and personal hygiene are very important during the treating period. As these can make diseases worse, delaying the treating time, patients should pay extra attention to these two points.

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