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The chance of uprooting the chronic pelvic inflammatory disease via surgery is slim

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, also known as Chronic PID, commonly is caused by untreated acute PID. This type of PID is stubborn and recurrent, so in order to get rid of this condition totally, many women tend to choose surgical therapy. Clinically, surgical treatment for chronic PID has a certain effect. However, the effect of surgical treatment is not so ideal in clinic. Actually, the chance for chronic PID to uproot is very slim.

On the one hand, as I mentioned before that the recurrence is a characteristic of PID, so it is easy for one to have this condition re-appeared, if with improper surgeries.

On the other hand, PID is also a stubborn disease. Although the symptoms of chronic PID can be cleared by surgery, the root cause of this condition like inflammation still exists. Therefore, chronic PID cannot be eradicated without curing inflammation.

If the chronic PID cannot be eradicated by surgery, is there any other ways that can uproot this condition? The answer is yes. 


Physiotherapies like Short-wave, microwave, laser and ultrashort-wave are commonly used to cure chronic PID. This way can enhance local blood circulation and improve metabolism, boosting the absorption and elimination of inflammation. However, it is better to combine this way with medication.

Antibiotic therapy

Antibiotics like metronidazole, tinidazole, ampicillin, azithromycin, clarithromycin,clindamycin and amoxicillin work well in treating PID. However, due to the drug resistance of antibiotics, the effect of antibiotics for chronic PID is bad if antibiotics are taken for a long time.

Herbal therapy

In the view of TCM, chronic PID usually is caused by residual heat toxin and sluggish blood circulation. One herbal pill named Fuyan pill not only can promote blood circulation, but also can clear heat toxin. What's more, Fuyan pill also has many other advantages like enhancing immunity and self-healing ability. Therefore, chronic PID can be cured by herbal pill fundamentally.  

In addition to these treating methods mentioned above, patients can also try the acupuncture and moxibustion. No matter what treatment patients will choose at last, the best treatment is the one that the most suitable.


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