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Caution: Penicillin for PID

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a common and harmful gynecological disease for females. In clinic, it is suggested to take antibiotics to cure this disease by doctors. When talking about antibiotics, many patients are familiar with penicillin. 


The main bacteria that cause PID include staphylococcus, colibacillus, gonococcus, mycoplasma, chlamydia and so on. Therefore, penicillin is effective to cure PID because it can kill bacteria and clear inflammation. 


As is known, penicillin is one kind of antibiotics, whose pharmacologic action is disturbing the compound of bacterial cell wall. Because the structure of penicillin is close to some parts of cell wall like D-alanyl and D-alanine, it is competition with the later for the development of transpeptidase, which can make the damage of the cell wall. Due to this process, bacteria can be killed because they lose the protective screen of the cell wall. However, patients take penicillin only under doctors' guidance.


When taking antibiotics, patients have to do the drug sensitive test. Antibiotics are only fit for ones that are sensitive for bacteria. In addition to that, it isn't suitable for patients to take those medicines for a long time because of the drug resistance. Generally speaking, it is just fit for the acute PID. When the disease turns to the chronic, it is suggested to take the Chinese herbal medicines to get a cure. For example, more and more the chronic PID patients have been cured by fuyan pill.


In the view of TCM, puyan pill can kill bacteria and clear inflammation, which is the same as the western medicine like penicillin. Besides, the Chinese herbal medicine also lays emphasis on the integral regulation of metabolism that can not only cure the disease but also protect the pelvic cavity. So patients can be cured by this pill and never worry about relapse.


Fuyan pill has been found by Dr. Lee who have been researched the Chinese herbal medicines for more than 30 years. As a patented herbal medicine, it has been made from more than 50 kinds pure natural herbs. Therefore, many gynecological diseases like PID can be cured by this medicine without any side effect.


All in all, when taking penicillin, patients need to pay close attention to the side effect. It is necessary for you to change another treatment when penicillin doesn't work. For the chronic PID, you'd better take the Chinese herbal medicine for the remarkable effect and no side effect. 

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