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Can Pelvic effusion be cured by Extraction treatment?

Because of the frequent intercourse, Ms. Hu, who got marriage lately, always felt the low abdominal pain. Then she was suggested to do the gynecologic examination. As a result, B ultrasound showed there was a dark area in the rectum and the effusion quantity is about 13mm. At the same time, there were a lot of small rashes found by colposcope.


Ms. Hu was suggested to do the surgery of extraction treatment and take some antibiotics. She was doubtful that pelvic effusion can really cured by extraction treatment.


Dr. Lee explains pelvic effusion is one manifestation of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), therefore, the surgery of pelvic effusion is difficult to clear away inflammation at all. Besides, the effusion quantity is likely to increase after the surgery.


According to the condition of Ms. Hu, Dr. Lee says it is normal to have small rashes in the cervix uteri and it isn't necessary for Ms. Hu to worry about. Besides, pelvic effusion can be diagnosed by the 13mm effusion in the pelvic cavity. However, due to the small amount, it is suggested to take the Chinese herbal medicine-fuyan pill to get a cure instead of extraction treatment.


Normally, a small amount of effusion in pelvic cavity can play the lubricating role for visceral organs. Sometimes, the effusion quantity is affected by ovary. For example, it will increase after the ovulation. However, if the quantity is more than 10mm and other symptoms are found, it is necessary to see doctors and do some related examinations. 


After diagnosis, patients should take the suitable treatments, which need to clear away inflammation once and for all.  On the contrary, the surgery of pelvic effusion is likely to cause the damage of pelvic cavity and the diffusion of inflammation. Thus it not only hardly removes inflammation at all, but also causes effusion again because of the relapse of inflammation.


Therefore, as the Palliatives method, extraction treatment can't cure Pelvic effusion from the root. The Chinese herbal medicine-fuyan pill, which is made from more than 50 kinds of herbs with no side effect, has the effect of clearing inflammation, killing bacteria, eliminating hydrops etc. so fuyan pill has been considered as the much effective Traditional Chinese  medicine for curing Pelvic effusion.


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