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Moxibustion therapy: A new type of therapy for pelvic mass

Pelvic mass is one of the common sign in the formation of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Although it will not pose a threat to patients, it often brings obvious discomfort frequently. However, moxibustion therapy, which is a new type of therapy for pelvic mass, will be used to eliminate your disease.


Compared to the western medicine and surgery, mosibustion therapy is more rarely abroad as the mosibustion therapy is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. As for its history, the mosibustion therapy can be dated back to the ancient time. 


The origin of moxibustion therapy:


As we can see, there is no strict definition of drugs and plants. From a deeper extent, there is no things can be called “drug” in the Chinese ancient time. However, as the enrichment both the medical knowledge and life experience, people found that a plant called folium artemisiae argyi can be used to cure disease.


After thousands of years, this simple method has been improved for further and Chinese people found the mosibustion therapy gradually despite that it is only the prototype of new therapy.


The definition of moxibustion therapy:


Making full use of the heating and stimulant that from folium artemisiae argyi to work to the specific parts or acupuncture points, in order to reach the purposes of adjusting the whole functions of organs or human bodies.


The widely used treatments may include:


Moxa roll moxbustion, acupuncture, direct moxbustion, electronic moxbustion, etc. The compositions may different from each other because of the different treatments; however, it will not influence the functions of curing pelvic mass at all.


The function of moxibustion therapy:


There are many functions, including promoting blood circulation, clearing heat and removing toxin toxin, activating blood and resolving stasis, and resolving dampness, etc. 


Nowadays, mosibustion therapy is widely used by the doctors. What's more, it has a profound influence on acupuncture treatment at home at abroad. So needless to say, it will be a great optional for patients.


Note: Except moxibustion therapy, traditional Chinese medicine like fuyan pill is a better choice. Fuyan pill involves in the herbal compositions such as bupleurum, Chinese aegelica, peach seed, flos carthami, etc. From the feedback of patients, they will feel changes within one mouth, and all symptoms will be gone after three mouths.


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