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Can mashed garlic be used to cure pelvic fluid?

In clinical cases, pelvic fluid is the common disease leading to some symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, irregular menses and even infertility. So many folk prescriptions in China are used to cure pelvic fluid. We may take mashed garlic for example first of all. However, can mashed garlic be used to cure pelvic fluid? 

The functions of mashed garlic:
As we can see, the compositions of mashed garlic consist of many sulfur compounds, which has the functions of eliminating inflammation and killing bacteria. As you can see, all those functions can work to bacteria and viruses. So some doctors thought that mashed garlic can be used to cure pelvic fluid if this disease is caused by infection.
The general method to use:
This treatment is very simple for you to learn. First of all, wash some garlic, and then, you need to cut it garlic into pieces as much as you can. The most important step that I want to stress is to put mashed garlic on your lower abdomen.
Generally speaking, it is enough to keep one or twice within one day. In addition, owing to the side effect, some patients claimed that there are blisters on the surface of skin in the process of using this treatment. 
If you are under the condition that we mentioned before, you’d better stop this external treatment as it may pose threat to your health. If necessary, you can wipe disinfectants in those areas. In addition, keep clean is also necessary.
The alternative treatments are still available
If you are allergic to mashed garlic, or you cannot stand the smell of mashed garlic, the dandelion will be the alternative medicine and the general steps are as garlic we mentioned.
Not only mashed garlic, but also dandelion will make a difference for most patients. But those methods can not directly work to pathogenic factors from its roots, so in the view of Chinese doctors, those small fork prescriptions are regarded as adjuvant treatment.
In order to cure the pelvic fluid completely, the patients may take other treatment like fuyan pill at the same time. And we may as well take fuyan pill for example.
Fuyan pill is invented by Dr. Lee, a Chinese doctor with 30 year’s of treating female reproduction disease. Over those years, fuyan pill, whose ingredients consist of peach seed, flos carthami, bupleurum, Chinese angelica, honey suckle flower and so on, has the functions of eliminating inflammation, killing bacteria, clearing heat and promoting blood circulation. So this alternative medicine can be your choice.

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