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It is hopeless to uproot pelvic inflammatory disease with surgery

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease which commonly develops from untreated acute pelvic inflammatory disease or be acquired under weak immunity is stubborn and recurrent. In order to get rid of this condition, a large number of women tend to choose surgery. 


Clinically, the types and causes of pelvic inflammatory disease are various. Therefore, surgeries also vary from type to type. Women with uterine cavity effusion need to take expanding surgery and women who have tubal condition should take salpingostomy. They commonly hold the view that pelvic inflammatory disease can be uprooted by surgeries. However, they do not know that it is hopeless to uproot pelvic inflammatory disease with surgery.


On the one hand, the cure rate is dragged by recurrence. There is no doubt that postoperative infection is a huge threat of recovery. And postoperative infection commonly occurs when there are operation error, incomplete sterilization and stimulation from instrument. Therefore, the recurrence makes pelvic inflammatory disease hard to be uprooted.


On the other hand, the nidus cannot be eradicated by surgery. Undoubtedly that the lesions like adhesion or scar tissues caused by pelvic inflammatory disease can be cleared by surgery easily. However, the nidus of pelvic inflammatory disease cannot be eliminated by surgery, because the nidus commonly is bacteria or other toxic materials. Therefore, pelvic inflammatory disease cannot be eliminated by surgery without taking anti-inflammatory pills.


Since it is hopeless to uproot the pelvic inflammatory disease via surgery, is there any other way can do this? Pelvic inflammatory disease sufferers can also try herbal medicine. According to the theory of TCM, this condition is caused by residential heat and toxic materials. Therefore, TCM believes that the curing should focus on clearing heat, draining dampness, activating blood and dissolving stasis. 


One herbal medicine named fuyan pill which is approved by SIPO in 2011 has all the functions that it required. Fuyan pill modified and combined based on ancient formula also adds some other amazing functions. The Pangolin Scales which is channel ushering drug in this formula can shorten treating time and reduce the waste. Therefore, pelvic inflammatory disease can be uprooted by fuyan pill.


In short, to uproot or eradicate the pelvic inflammatory disease, herbal medicine is better than surgery.


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