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Infertility - the final consequence of PID is evitable

 Pelvic inflammatory disease which is known as PID is one of the most frequent occurred disease for women. According to the data released by WHO, around 1 million women in USA experience an episode this disease every year. In addition to these common symptoms like dull pain or tenderness in the stomach or lower abdominal area, other symptoms like abnormal vaginal discharge, odor, painful urination or sex, fever, chills can also be experienced. If women leave the PID untreated, one of the severest consequences – infertility can also happen.


As is known, inflammation is the main cause of PID. As long as the inflammation isn’t affect the function of fallopian tube. Women still have the change to get pregnant. But the inflammation can affect the implantation of fertilized egg. So the change won’t be high. Although women with mild PID can also be conceived, it is better for them to receive treatment timely. Or the inflammation in the pelvic abdominal area will transmit to the fallopian tubes and bring tubal blockage to women.


If you have some of the symptoms mentioned above and suspect that you may be the victim of PID, you can take test in hospital and accept treatment. Generally speaking, doctors will ask you about your medical history and some information about your sex. Later, he or she will perform a pelvic exam for you to check the reproductive organs. If possible, it is better for you to give detail information to doctor, such as what symptoms you have, how long you have experienced these symptoms, how severe these symptoms are and so on. But please do not worry about it. No matter how severe the PID is, it is curable. And these test you have taken can help the doctor give you a more suitable treatment.


If the PID you have is mild, treatment like antibiotics are enough. But if your PID is severe and you have resistance to antibiotics, I am afraid that you may need another treatment named Fuyan pill. Fuyan Pill has more than 40 herbs as its ingredients. it not only can clear away heat and toxic materials, dissipate hard lumps, but also can promote blood circulation and eliminate hydrops. PID can be cured by Fuyan Pill totally within three months.

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