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Five Prevention tips of PID for women

Sex not only can bring orgasm to men and women, but also can transmit sexually transmitted diseases to people. Sexually transmitted disease is dangerous, because it can bring symptoms and lots of consequences to people. The pelvic inflammatory disease which is also known as PID is one of the most serious consequences of STD. the PID not only can bring tubal conditions to women, but also the infertility. Therefore, here are some prevention methods for women to follow to avoid these terrible consequences.


Use condom while having sex

As I mentioned above, sex is the major way for women to affect the PID. Therefore, ask the men to use condom is a good way for women to prevent PID. What’s more, using condom can also prevent other fatal diseases like HIV and so on.


Avoid sex while in the PID in the acute period.

The symptoms of PID in acute period commonly sever and can bring lots of pain to sufferers. And sex can make the symptoms worse. Therefore, it is better to avoid sex while the PID is in the acute period.


Monogamous relationship

The more sexual partners you have, the higher risk you can get. So please limit your sexual partners and better to maintain a stable relationship.


Take test annually

Since lots of patients won’t experience any symptoms from the PID, it is better for them to accept test annually. Taking test annually not only can help women find out the PID timely, but also can let them receive treatment timely.


Refrain from douching

If the tube used for douching isn’t cleared totally, the bacteria and other toxic material on the tube can be brought into the vagina, resulting in PID.


Herbal formula – Fuyan pill

Fuyan pill has lots of functions like clearing toxic materials, improve immunity and enhance resistance to infection. Therefore taking herbal medicine Fuyan pill can also avoid PID. Fuyan pill not only can avoid the occurrence of PID, but also can cure the PID for women. Fuyan pill is a excellent treatment for PID.

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