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Six Effective Food Therapies for Chronic PID

 PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) is one kind of gynecological diseases which may cause infertility and lead to damage to the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or other parts of the female reproductive system. As a result, positive therapies for PID are one important measure to prevent infertility for female. Except for treatments in hospital, one can also try some food therapies which are explored by lots of patients and doctors.


Food therapies:

1.      Pork soup cooked with medlar and Chinese Angelica

Take 40 grams medlar and 40 grams Chinese Angelica, and take appropriate lean pork, than cook them into soup with adding some salt. This food therapy adapt to chronic PID effectively.


2.      Lychee Seed drink

Take 60 grams of lychee Seed and 40 grams of honey. Scrap the lychee Seed and soak them in water for a while. Than Boil those in earthenware pot for half an hour. Filter residue and take the soup, than put some honey and mix them well when it is warm. Drink the soup twice each day, morning and evening. This therapy can clear heat and relieve pain, which is suitable for curing symptoms of chronic PID, including pain in the abdominal area and lower abdomen, low mood, abnormal discharge, etc.


3.      Nucleolus chestnut drink

Take 60 grams of walnuts and chestnuts, and take appropriate amount of white sugar. Cook the chestnuts well and take out the nuts, and than mash up them with walnuts. Finally, mix them with white sugar and boiled water. Try to drink it everyday and it has effect on chronic PID.


4.      Boil eggs with purslane

Take 120 grams of purslane and 6 eggs. Wash purslane clean first and mash it up than take its juice. Than boil the eggs with some water. Add purslane juice after husking the eggs. Have this once everyday. It’s effective for chronic PID.


5.      Rice porridge with melon seed and sophora japonica

Take 40 grams of winter melon kernel, 18 grams of sophora japonica, 60 grams of coix seed and 120 grams of japonica rice. Firstly, boil winter melon kernel and sophora japonica with some clean water into soup. Filter residue and than boil them into porridge with clean coix seed and japonica rice as usual. Have it once everyday and take for 7-8 days. It is also effective for chronic PID.


6.      Eat stewed pork loin

Wrap clean pork loin with wet paper and cook it. Take this once every day. It adapts to symptoms of bare leucorrhoea, lower back pain, etc. What should be specially noted is that those patients should not eat it much if one has abnormal discharge in yellow with unusual odor, and try throat.


Except for the food therapies listed above, it’s suggested to massage lower back by yourself in your daily life and keep in good mood. If necessary, one should go to the hospital and take some antibiotics or some herbal medicine, such as fuyan pill which is a natural herbal medicine, has good effect on treating chronic PID and has no side effect like antibiotics.

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