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Is there any treatment can solve the PID and its complications at a time?

 Knowing what kind of symptoms the pelvic inflammatory disease is necessary and vital, because it is the pre-step of treatment. Based on the definition released by WHO, pelvic inflammatory disease is a gynecological disease that can not only bring lots of symptoms to women, but also affect women’s work and other aspects. Since the abnormal menstruation and infertility caused by tubal blockage are complications of pelvic inflammatory disease, figuring out the symptoms of this condition and preventing this condition is inevitable.


As is known, the conceiving is a complicated procedure. But the sperm has to run a long way to fertilize with the egg, but if the fallopian tube is partly blocked that only allows the sperm to pass, the fertilized egg which is larger than sperm is unable to implant in the uterus. Therefore, ectopic pregnancy is the first consequence that women have to face to.


PID also has close connection with bacterial infection because it is a complication of STDs. the bacteria can invade the pelvic cavity and bring PID to women, because the immunity of women after surgery like abortions and miscarriage is weak. Therefore, those women those women who take surgery have to pay highly attention to bacterial infection caused by taking surgery, to prevent the PID, women should build a good hygiene habit and the aspects that mentioned above.


Although the complications of PID are destructive, the treatment of this condition is easy and the effect is excellent. Generally speaking, for mild PID patient, women only have the take around one week antibiotics to get a cure. But for these women who affect this condition for a long time, they may need to replace the antibiotics with herbal medicine like Fuyan pill, because drug resistance makes the effect of antibiotics weak.


Fuyan Pill is an herbal formula used to cure reproductive diseases. This pill is more than 30 years’ experiences in treating women’s reproductive diseases. This pill can dissipate hard lumps, promote blood circulation, clear away heat and toxic materials, dissolve stasis, release pain and improve Qi. Fuyan Pill also can guiding other herbs such as Chinese angelica, bighead atractylodes rhizome, honey suckle flower, fructus forsythia, plantain seed, and peach seed reach and work on inflammatory parts directly. Despite the above mentioned advantages, this pill also has many other advantages. Therefore, not only the PID can be cured by this herbal medicine, its complications can be also cured by Fuyan pill

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