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three preventive measures for PID

 As a high incidence of gynecological diseases, pelvic inflammatory disease not only affects women's health, but also leads to infertility or ectopic pregnancy. Because of its great harm, every female wants to stay away from it. To keep away from the PID, the key is doing a good preventive job. What are the preventive measures of pelvic inflammatory disease? How to avoid the PID in Daily life? Let’s take a look at its precautionary measures

1 excellent hygiene work
Hygiene work includes a lot of aspects, such as menstrual hygiene, daily health, sexual health and gynecological surgical hygiene. Female friends should pay attention to personal hygiene, take bath frequently, change underwear every day and always keep the vulva dry. Especially the hygiene during period and sex should be noticed carefully, because the resistance during period is weak. 
Gynecological surgery is another aspect that women should value. Surgeries like cervical surgery and abortion surgery brings infection to women easily if the sanitary condition is poor. Therefore, surgery should be done in registered or state-owned hospital. Moreover, for some gynecological diseases such as hydrosalpinx and tubal blockage, surgery isn’t the only curing. Herbal medicine like Fuyan pill is also an excellent cure. 
2 do more exercises
Proper exercise can not merely the immunity system can be enhanced, but also the blood circulation in pelvic cavity can be improved.  Office lady can take a short walk after long time sitting.
3, timely treatment
Timely treatment for gynecological surgery is necessary, in case of adjacent infection. During the acute period of PID, women can take antibiotics under the guidance of a doctor. On the contrary, Fuyan pill is more perfect for PID while it in the chronic status. 
Prevention measures of pelvic inflammatory disease are mainly reflected in the above several aspects, I believe that as long as the female friends pay attention to these, it can be very good to avoid the disease. 

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