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Unique Features of western therapy and traditional Chinese medicine therapy on curing Pelvic encapsulated fluid

 Pelvic encapsulated fluid, among women, is a high incidence of disease, according to a medical report released recently. “Actively and properly treatment of this condition is essential. However, lots of women tend to take anti-inflammatory pills to eliminate toxic and harmful materials without consulting due to the absence of health consciousness,” said Dr. Lee, who, the chief doctor of Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic, believes that disease can only be aggravated without right guidance. Timely diagnosis should be done if there is discomfort or pain on abdomen, accompanying some other gynecological symptoms. For this condition, correct treatment is the key.


Based on the etiopathogenesis of pelvic encapsulated fluid, anaerobiont that can flow into pelvic cavity against the urine flow is majorly the reason on most of the cases. However, this condition can also be a complication of other gynecological diseases, like PID, salpingitis and chlamydia. Obviously, both western therapy and Traditional Chinese medicine therapy are outstanding choices.


Features of western therapy

Western therapy is one of the most commonly used methods clinically. Although Anti – anaerobiont pills is effective and works fast, its relapse rate is still high. What is more, side effects will show up over the same period while accepting western therapy. Therefore, western therapy has minuses and pluses.


Features of Traditional Chinese medicine therapy

Nowadays, a dramatic spike on curing the pelvic encapsulated fluid with herbal medicine emerges. The effect of herbal medicine is awesome and steady owing to the mild efficacy of herbal medicine, so no signs of recurrence will appear after a period of systemic treatment. Another noticeable characteristic of herbal medicine therapy is side effect proof.


The both therapies have its unique traits, but herbal medicine is safer than western medicine because of the reason mentioned above. Herbal medicine Fuyan pill that modified and combined from ancient formula can promote blood circulation and clear away toxic materials by adding herbs like Radix Bupleuri, Tuckahoe, Radix Scutellariae, Gardenia, Atractylis Ovata, Chinese Yam, Rhizoma Atractylodis, Talcum, Angelica, Peach Kernel, Safflower, Lquorice in.

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