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Extensive pelvic adhesion is unable to be eliminated by single treatment

Organs in women’s pelvic cavity that are indispensable on reproductive process may lose its functions and leads to infertility, if there is infection or inflammations from virus. Organs stimulated by the chronic inflammation, which commonly is a result of delayed and improper treatment, would congest, discharge more fluids, and swell, resulting in uterus adhesion, tubal adhesion or ovaries and tubal adhesion.

Due to the severe adhesion on fallopian tube, sperm is unable to pass through the tube and fertilize egg when adhesion occurs on fallopian tubes. If the adhesion happens on fimbrial area, egg cannot be picked up and be fertilized. Even though the adhesion isn’t sever and allows sperm to pass, the tiny hole isn’t large enough for the fertilized egg, which is bigger, to pass through. Therefore, ectopic pregnancy takes place and threats women’s life.
It easily concludes that inflammation and infection are top reasons of extensive pelvic adhesion, which indicates its curing principle – eliminating heat and toxic materials. If the adhesion is mild and only appears on fallopian tubes, women could take herbal medicine named Fuyan pill to get a cure.
However, if adhesion can be seen on lots of organs such as fallopian tube, ovaries, uterus and the pelvic tissues, surgery should be involved.
Clinically, laparoscope that can directly and easily tell the adhesion level and type can effectively reduce the extensive adhesion by separating and cutting muscular fiber adhesion and membranous adhesion, which makes this minimally invasive surgery the first choice. However, unqualified sterilization after surgery risks reinfection and advanced adhesion. Therefore, doctor would suggest patients to take herbal medicine to consolidate the effect.
Fuyan pill, which belongs to herbal medicine, can promote blood circulation, dissipate hard lumps, relieve pain, clear away heat and toxic materials, and dissolve stasis. Obviously extensive adhesion can be exterminated by Fuyan pill. Taking Fuyan pill after surgery can not only strengthen the surgical effect, but also improve immunity system and terminate nidus.

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