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Which is better for pelvic effusion, surgery or conservative treatment?
Pelvic effusion is a common disease for female and its incidence of this condition is very high too. Generally speaking, pelvic effusion can be divided into physiologic and pathologic two types. Only when the fluids in pelvic cavity are less than 10mm can be considered as physiologic type. If it is pathologic type, treatment is needed. Today, the topic of this article is about which treatment for pathologic type pelvic effusion is better, the surgery or the conservative treatment.
The causes of pelvic effusion are mainly caused by infection during period or after delivery or surgery. So its symptoms are pain on one side or both side of lower abdominal area, increase vagina discharge, irregular menses and painful period.
To cure the pelvic effusion, surgery is acceptable. One treatment of pelvic effusion is pumping fluids out with needle. This way has its advantages, which can eliminate the fluids very soon, and disadvantages, which is painful and expensive. Other surgery is also a frequently used treatment. Women can remove the total uterus or part of the uterus. But this treatment is harmful and can reduce the pregnancy rate.
Conservative treatment
Antibiotics are the most commonly used conservative treatment in Western medicine. However, due to the drug resistance, the effect of this treatment isn’t very good and only people who don’t have liver or kidney problems can use treatment. On the other hand, herbal medicine becomes more and more popular among the world due to its specific advantages.
Take one herbal medicine named Fuyan pill for example. Fuyan pill can exterminate heat and toxic materials, promote blood circulation and QI, dissipate hard lumps and dampness. Therefore, it can regular the menses and vagina discharge and eliminate all symptoms. What’s more, herbal medicine focus on curing disease by let the improved immunity to fight against the disease itself.
Based on the above analysis, it is easy to know that herbal medicine is much more suitable then surgery or other western medicines. Herbal medicine is a patented herbal medicine and it is trustful. 

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