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Can fruit and vegetable accelerate the recovery of pelvic adhesion after surgery?

Pelvic adhesion is one of the most typical abnormal adhesions that forms in the pelvis and causes organs to stick or bind with each other. It begins with an inflammation of the peritonaeum resulting from the surgical trauma, resulting in chronic or long-term pelvic pain. Most of women who have undergone open gynaecological surgery may suffer pelvic adhesion. If women after surgery do be diagnosed with pelvic adhesion, what should she eat to speed up the recovery of the abnormal adhesion.

Well, the answer is turned out to be vegetable and fruit according to many leading doctors such as Dr. Lee who has specialized in treating female and male reproductive and urinary system diseases for more than 30 years.

Instead of foods such as spicy food, carbonated beverage, wine which increase inflammation, women after surgery are recommended to eat fresh vegetable and fruit. The reason is that fruits and vegetables are universally promoted as healthy foods packed with beneficial substances such as antioxidants, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. Of all the substances, antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties providing the patient’s body with nutrients and the essential vitamins are the key to accelerate the recovery of pelvic adhesion. Those vitamins provided by antioxidants include vitamin C helping to produce collagen and lower levels of the inflammation which, mentioned before, appears at the beginning of the pelvic adhesion and vitamin E protecting against such inflammation. Additionally, vitamin A in vegetable and fruit can improve surgical trauma healing.

What’s more, the diet with vegetable and fruit that leave dietary fiber in the patient’s digestive tract can decrease the size and frequency of the feces and lessen abdominal pain while the patient is undergoing the treatment for pelvic adhesion.

It’s true that fruit and vegetable are proven to be helpful in the recovery of pelvic adhesion after surgery; however those foods only play the supporting role in curing that disease. Therefore, Chinese medicine like fuyan pill made of pure natural herbs, showing its good effect in treating and healing the adhesions fundamentally, is also needed. Besides, fuyan pill also has the function to clear away heat and toxic infection.

All in all, avoiding food that increase inflammation and having fruit and vegetable which can decrease inflammation should be given priority to the quick recovery of pelvic adhesion and, Chinese medicine which is capable of curing the disease radically can also be considered.

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