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Tips on Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treatment You Need to Know

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection that occurs in various reproductive organs. Without timely treatment, it can lead to severe problems like ectopic pregnancy, chronic pelvic pain and even infertility. This passage will introduce some tips on PID treatment to you.

pelvic inflammatory disease treatment

Tips on Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treatment

1. When it comes to the treatment on PID, your doctor will work with you to find the best one for you according to your specific condition. There are several antibiotics available for PID treatment.

2. You need to understand that early treatment can prevent severe damage to reproductive organs. The longer treatment is delayed, the more likely a female is to have infertility or to future ectopic pregnancy problem.

3. Keep in mind that the symptoms of PID may disappear before the infection is totally eliminated. That means you need to finish the prescribed medicines even you don’t feel any symptoms. By this means, it will help prevent the infection from recurring.

4. Be prepared to see your doctor again 2 to 3 days after starting treatment to make sure the drugs are working.

5. Know that all sex partners should be treated to lower the risk of getting reinfection. Even though partners may be symptom-free, they may be infected with the organisms that can bring about PID.

6. If antibiotics don’t work on you to cure PID, you should try other alternative medicines like herbal therapy of Fuyan Pill. Compared with antibiotics, Fuyan Pill may be more effective since it will not cause any side effects and drug resistance. It can help PID patients get cure completely in a short time without recurrence.

7. Your doctor may suggest going into the hospital to treat your PID if you:
• Are very sick
• Are pregnant
• Don't respond to or cannot swallow pills. If this is the case, you will need intravenous (in the vein or IV) antibiotics.
• Have an abscess (sore) in a Fallopian tube or ovary

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