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What Are the Symptoms If One Has Bacterial Infection in Pelvic Cavity?

Bacterial infection is very common that can be affected by every people at any age. When women have bacterial infection in fallopian tubes, it is called salpingitis. When the infection spread to ovaries, it is called oaritis. But What if the whole pelvic cavity is infected? What disease that women might affect? It is the pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pelvic inflammatory disease should be cured timely due to the severe complications. Since the symptoms can be signs or omens of pelvic inflammatory disease, it is necessary for women to learn some typical symptoms of bacterial infection in pelvic cavity or the pelvic inflammatory disease.

Signs and symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease may include:
- Pain in your lower abdomen and pelvis, once the infection is severe, adhesion or scar tissues can occur and the pain commonly is caused by adhesion or scar tissues.
- Heavy vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor, the infection in pelvic cavity can also spread to vagina can bring this symptom to women
- Irregular menstrual bleeding, since the oaritis also belongs to pelvic inflammatory disease, and the ovaries can discharge estrogen affecting the period.
- Pain during intercourse, the infection can affect the vagina and bring pain during intercourse to women.
- Painful or difficult urination. Since the pelvic cavity is so close to the urinary tract. So when the infection spread to the urinary tract, it can bring painful or difficult urination to women too.

Those are typical symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease. If women have one or two or some of the symptoms that mentioned above, they should be careful and take test in hospital as soon as possible.

To cure the bacterial infection in pelvic cavity, women can take herbal medicine such as Fuyan pill as a cure. Fuyan pill not only can be taken as antibiotics which are the typical treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease, but also has some functions that antibiotics don’t have.

Fuyan pill cures the pelvic inflammatory disease mainly based on improving immunity and self- healing ability by promoting blood circulation of the pelvic cavity, clearing the bacteria infection in pelvic cavity, eliminating the adhesion or scar tissues in the pelvic cavity. What’s more, the recurrent rate of Fuyan pill for pelvic inflammatory disease is very low too.

All in all, bacterial infection in pelvic cavity is curable and the symptoms of this condition can help more women catch the right time of curing.


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