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How to Make Pelvic Pain Go Away?

Do you feel pelvic pain? It is caused by pelvic inflammatory disease mainly. If you get infected after childbirth or abortion, if you are infected by surgery in uterus, if you don’t pay attention to your personal hygiene during period or inflammation of organs close to your pelvic spreads, you may get pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). How to cure it?


Nausea and vomiting
Pain during sex
Irregular menstrual bleeding
Painful or difficult urination
Dull pain or tenderness in the stomach or lower abdominal area, or pain in the right upper abdomen
Abnormal vaginal discharge that is yellow or green in color or that has an unusual odor
Chills or high fever


1. Herbal medicine is a conservative treatment that allows women to maintain the ability of giving birth. What’s more, Fuyan pill not only can solve the pelvic inflammatory disease for women, but also can reverse the damages that caused by the pelvic inflammatory disease.

2. Antibiotic therapy is one of the most commonly used treatments of mild pelvic inflammatory disease. Due to the drug resistance of antibiotics, your doctor may prescribe a combination of antibiotics to start taking right away. After receiving your lab test results, your doctor may adjust the medications you're taking to better match what's causing the infection. If you cannot take antibiotics by mouth, or the infection is severe, you may need to receive medication intravenously (directly into a vein) to cure the pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. Surgery is often needed to remove the abscesses when the pelvic inflammatory disease causes an abscess and antibiotics are no longer as effective. This method is used to prevent them from rupturing and causing widespread infection throughout the pelvis and abdomen. Based on the condition, laparoscope (a thin, lighted instrument) is more often performed.

Food tips

1. Patients of PID can’t eat pepper, uncooked scallion or garlic, food or drink contains stimulating things like wine.
2. It is good for them to eat lean meat, chicken, cabbage, asparagus, celery, egg, carp, turtle, spinach, tofu, kelp, cucumber, wax gourd, mushroom, seaweed and fruits.
3. Their main food should be light food. Such as phaseolus calcaratus, mung bean, lentils, coix seed and purslane.
4.  Walnut, sweetend roll, Tangerine Seed, orange peel, hawthorn, rose and kumquats are very good for them.
5.  They can take in suitable amount of protein, duck, goose and quail can be eaten.
6.  Don’t eat fat or cool food like fat meat, crab, snail or cured products.

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