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Can PID Cause Pain in Ovaries?

In female reproductive system, the ovaries are an important part. Their job is twofold. They produce the hormones, including estrogen, that trigger menstruation. For possible fertilization, they also release one egg each month. In ovaries, if you feel pain, there are several possibilities, in this article, we will only talk about one possibility-PID. For this type of pain in ovaries, how to cure it?

Before getting a suitable treatment, patients need to be diagnosed, this determine what kind of treatment will they have according to the degree of their diseases. They can get Laparoscopy in which the internal repro is able to be examined by the doctor by a small cut in abdomen's lower part, in the procedure, insert laparoscope. For evaluation and testing, biopsy of endometrium, from endometrium remove tissue and in a procedure make a sample which is small. Test a piece of endometrium in the procedure will be done by your doctor. Also ultrasound can be tried by them. Their  reproductive organs' images will be created by sound waves by the test. Pelvic cavity's image which is clear can be showed by the test. The last way of diagnosis is examination of pelvic. From their vagina and cervix, samples were taken, a cotton swab is used by their doctor when doing the examination of pelvic. For organism which the infection was caused, in order to determine it, in a lab, analysis of the samples will be taken. Examination of pelvic is performed as another test of urine usually.

For PID which is mild, antibiotics are used the most for treatments. When PID cause an abscess or antibiotics are useless, surgery which removes abscesses is needed usually. For women, if it is their dream to have their babies in the future, then they can choose a conservative treatment- TCM. A good choice is Fuyan Pill. Acupuncture is the last treatment. It is showed by researchers that by combining acupuncture and TCM together, PID can be cured effectively. 75% is the cure rate for acupuncture, it is a standalone therapy. And if TCM is combined together with it, 92.5% the rate can be increased to.

Avoid male check which is not necessary, prevent wide spread inflammation been caused or infection been expanded. Temperature in body can be decreased by more water drinking, because hot body can be made by PID. After or during treatment, more egg, tofu, red bean, spinach etc should be eaten by patients. Because they are nutritious foods, but patients can't eat uncooked or stimulating foods.

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