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Five Main Treatments of Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Do you have chronic pelvic pain? Do you have infertility or ectopic gestation? How about endometritis or irregular period? Low fever or fatigue?  If you have all these symptoms, you may have chronic PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). It is a stubborn disease which is not easy to be cured, also it can cause more leucorrhea, lower abdomen pain etc. But there are five main treatments for the disease, patients can be cured if they choose the most suitable one. 

Before choosing the most suitable treatments, patients should know causes of their PID. There are several causes of chronic PID, if a woman's immune system is damaged or the effect is decreased, internal secretion will change or exogenous pathogen will enter, either of them can cause inflammation. Chronic PID can be caused by untreated acute PID also, and inflammation of organs close it can cause the disease. Without a history of acute PID, Chlamydia trachomatis infection can lead to chronic PID too. 
Some chronic PID change according to pathology left by acute PID, there is no pathogen indeed. Some surgeries can damage pelvic cavity to some extent, like dilatation and curettage, hydrotubation, HSG, hysteroscopy, artificial abortion etc. Without obeying aseptic principle strictly, these may damage genital mucosal, lead to bleeding, necrosis and an ascending infection of autochthonous bacteria in genital tract.
Chronic PID spreads widely in women who are active of sex, especially for those who experienced sex at very young age, have several sex partners or too much sex. It can also led by STDs like bacterial vaginosis which connect to pelvic cavity through genital tract. Sex during menstruation, using of unclean sanitary towel, tub etc are causes of inflammations. Besides, chronic PID can be gotten by women who don't pay enough attention to personal hygiene or do douching when necessary. Extensive adhesion of pelvic cavity, tubal damage and decreased tubal immunity caused by PID can lead to reinfection and acute attack of chronic PID. 
What can patients do to cure chronic PID? 
1.Strengthen the confidence to cure the disease, eat more nutritious food, do exercise, find a balance in rest and work, increase the immunity. Also taking Fuyan Pill can help increase the immunity also, for it has no drug resistance or side effect like antibiotics. So the Chinese herb medicine won't kill any good bacteria in our bodies.
2.Warmth can increase the blood circulation in pelvic cavity, improve nutrition condition of tissues and increase metabolism, these are good for elimination and taking of inflammation. At the same time try relative medical treatments, the taking and effect of drugs can be increased also. Shortwave, ultrashort wave, microwave, laser, iontophoresis etc are used the most together with drugs like penicillin, streptomycin etc.
3.Even using several kinds of antibiotics are not quite effective, but for young women who want to give birth in the future or acute attack, this is also a choice, but it is better to take drugs to cure Chlamydia or mycoplasma at the same time.
4.Intramuscular injection of chymotrypsin or hyaluronidase can be used together with antibiotics once every other day, 7-10 times for a course, this is good for the elimination of adhesion and taking of inflammation. Some patients need to stop this treatment when they have partial or whole body allergic reaction. In some situations, antibiotics and dexamethasone can be taken together orally for thrice a day, but they must remember to reduce the usage of dexamethasone gradually before stopping using the treatment.
5.Surgeries are necessary for some patients of chronic PID, for they have been stimulated by inflammation for a long time, there are adhesions near organs which make antibiotics hard to enter, without surgeries, they will be infected again and again. 

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