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Do mind the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease even it has no Symptoms

In dealing with the clinical diagnosis of pelvic inflammation(Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), it is common that: the patients' actual symptoms should be viewed as the principle factors, and the later inspection on the patients is taken as a subsidiary reference. But there are not a few patients, with little symptoms or, whose symptoms are minor compared to those normal cases, ending up ignoring the severity of actual disease they have already contracted. Only when the situations have developed into irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, or even infertility, do they finally realize the serious consequences and, unfortunately, come to be diagnosed as having pelvic inflammation in the end, which will only add immense difficulty to those doctors. Thus the pelvic inflammation can never be overlooked, especially in those cases where symptoms are not so apparent as to be perceived or to be treated seriously.

Pelvic inflammation without symptoms will affect endometrium:
Patients without symptoms may have well fallen into chronicle periods, during which no clear signs or symptoms are present. But as time goes on and the inflammation recurs, the endometrium might undergo pathological changes like: endometritis and the thickening of endometrium tissue, etc. which will directly lead to the increasing of menstrual volume, prolonged menstruation, and discharge of whites in brown color even after the menstruation. Besides all that mentioned above, it also directly affects the process of implantation, and lowers the endometrial capacitive, which may result in early abortion.
Pelvic inflammation without symptoms will have an influence on fallopian tube:
Pelvic inflammation without clear signs does have an influence on fallopian tube. When the inflammation goes all the way up from pelvic cavity to fallopian tube, there will be congestions on the lining of fallopian tube, and the inflammation will also have negative effects that hinder the swinging of the cilium within the cavity. Should the inflammation be left untreated for some periods of time, the case may further develop into tubal adhesion, tubal blockage, hydrosalpinx, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and so on so forth.
Pelvic inflammation without symptoms may have negative effects on the proper functioning of ovary:
When the pelvic inflammation takes place in an extensive scale, it will result in the adhesion of the tube, sometimes may even have negative effects on ovary. As a result, the ovary could not produce ovum properly or even at all, and from time to time, the ovary may fail to function at its full capacity, the menstruation period may go into disorder, and, in the worst case, the premature ovarian failure occurs.
As those risks mentioned above, though the pelvic inflammation may take place without incurring any symptoms, the aftermath of the disease shall never be underestimated, it may directly affect endometrium, fallopian, ovary, and result in endometritis, the thickening of endometrium, tubal adhesion, blockages of the tube, premature ovary failure, and so on. And irregular menstruation, menstruation disorder, infertility, abortion, and ectopic pregnancy may be indirectly incurred.
Thus, for all the fellow female friends, with a sexual life over 1 year, it is highly recommended that: gynecological examine should be taken regularly, once the menstrual disorder or leucorrhea abnormality took place, in order to eradicate the potential risks brought forth by the pelvic inflammation without clear symptom(s). At first, the symptoms might be in a relatively minor level, but do take effective action and cooperate with the treatment actively, once the disease has been diagnosed.
If the antibiotic against inflammation fails to function due to the resistance to drugs, fuyan pills are strongly recommended in treating disease of such kind(s). 

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