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What Factors Can Lead To Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

Everyone can be infected with diseases in their lives. There’s no doubt that what we need to do is to resist unconditional. Many married women perplex that they are infected with pelvis inflammatory disease (PID). Women with this disease cannot belittle its damage. It can not only do harm to the health of the body, but can also cause varieties of influences, such as infertility or spread to other organs like fallopian tubes and cause lumen adhesion. In order to prevent PID, it’s essential to know its causes. So, what factors can lead to PID?


1.Take bath in a tub during menstruation.

The resistance will decline during the period, if the lower part of the body is soaking in the water, the pathogenic bacteria in the water can get into the genitals through the vagina. It’s similar to swimming during menstruation. It can easily induce the inflammation as well.


2.Wearing tight pants for a long term.  

Women who are wearing tight underwear or jeans can get PID too. Therefore, it will be better to choose breathable cotton underwear and the underwear can’t be too small or too tight. Once diagnosed with PID, one should go to the hospital to get timely and permanently treatment.   


3.Ignoring the personal hygiene.

During the menstruation, endometrum strips and causes the expansion of blood sinus, it makes a good environment for the breeding of bacteria. If females pay no attention to the hygiene of the vagina , use sanitary napkins that are not clean, or have sex during the period, the pathogenic bacteria are easily getting in the genital tract and cause PID through upward spread. Women should do well in keeping the hygiene of the vagina, changing the underwear frequently.

Some females think keep the vagina clean is to douche it more, in fact, it can destroy the balance of microflora’s environment and it’s easier to cause PID. There are many sufferers with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease have this bad habit. So, If it weren't for reasons such as vaginitis that doctor suggested douching the vagina, don’t douche it yourself.


4. Sitting for a long time without moving.  

Most of office ladies need to keep long time of sitting because of their work. The lack of moving can prevent the backflow of pelvic vein and lead to the increase of extravasated blood. Then the PID occurs eventually. It’s suggested that office ladies should walk for a second after long time of sitting.  It’s beneficial to take some physical activities like yoga.


5. Unhealthy diet.

It’s necessary to attach great importance to the daily diet. Eating less spicy and cold foods, and keeping the lower abdomen warm are helpful for preventing PID. If females eat cold food frequently, it can make the pelvic extravasated blood not smooth and induce PID. Females should also pay attention to avoiding catching cold to the waist and abdomen if stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time.  


6.Frequent sexual life.

If a woman’s sexual life is frequent and ignores the partial cleaning before sex, no urination or clean in time after the intercourse, or has sex during the menstruation, these bad habits can make the outside bacteria get into the vagina to destroy the balance of the normal microflora and lead to PID.   


7. Recurrent abortion

Nowadays, painless induced abortion relieves the pain of abortion, but it makes females misunderstand that abortion is no big deal. If ignored to have birth control when having sex, it’s easy to get pregnant. Many females choose to have abortion surgery in informal clinic because it’s not so crowded and has no complicated formalities. But they don’t realize that it has no security as well and it can easily lead to genitals inflammation like PID.    


Since you know the factors that can cause PID, it’s vital to avoid the bad living habits above. If you are diagnosed with this disease, you’d better to get treated timely. There is a herbal medicine called Fuyan Pill can cure it efficiently. The herbs in the pill can clear away heat and toxic materials, promote the circulation of blood and Qi, eliminate the blood stasis. It can not only eliminate the symptoms of PID, but can also cure it from its root.  


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